Private Kenneth Gardiner (14385509) - 1st Bn Worcestershire Regiment Killed in action 19/11/44

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    Worcestershire Regiment (29th/36th of Foot)


    Private Kenneth Gardiner (14385509) - 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment
    Killed in action 19th November 1944 (age 20)
    Son of William and Selina Gardiner, of Yardley Wood, Birmingham.
    BRUNSSUM WAR CEMETERY, The Netherlands - grave I. 6.


    In 2011 the grave of Private Kenneth Gardiner was adopted by Marielle Wiertz, 42 years old, living in Elsloo, The Netherlands. In the above photo she is seen attending the grave in the summer or 2011.

    His parents were William G. Gardiner and Selina Gardiner (his mothers maiden name was Davis). They married in 1923 at Pershore, Worcestershire. During 1944 they were living in the Yardley Wood, south of Birmingham. Kenneth Gardiner was their first child and he was born in 1924.

    Private Kenneth Gardiner was listed as died on the 19th November 1944 but it is very likely that he was among the men of Carrier Platoon that were killed or mortally wounded when they were attacked by two German Self-Propelled Guns as they headed towards the village of Rischden on the late afternoon of the 18th November 1944. The Carrier Platoon was only about 500 metres south-west of the village of Rischden when they were attacked, they suffered 31 casualties (dead and wounded). Many of the wounded died later the same day or the next day the 19th November 1944. During the early morning of the 19th November 1944 the casualties were taken and place in two garages belonging to 4 bungalow houses at the entrance to the village of Rischden.
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