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    Can anyone help me with the following; I am trying to piece together information on my late Grandfathers movements during 1940 – 1944 and his Battalions/Divisions battle honours and what campaign medals he would have been issued?

    The Information I have so far: -

    Taken from The Commonwealth War Graves website

    Cyril John Jackman
    1/6th Bn., The Queens Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
    Who died Tuesday 15th August 1944. Age 25.

    Information I have taken from family documentation: -

    8th Army War – 1940 – 1944 – died 1944
    M.E.F.I.C.M.F. (What does this mean?)
    6093903 Cpl C.J.Jackman 7th ARMD. DIV. Wounded in action
    Died in Bath Hospital Somerset on August 15th 1944
    (In Normandy on 25th July 1944)

    This information states he was a Corporal but his war grave says
    Private, any suggestions?

    Would there be any records on Hospital ships departing from
    Normandy and their occupants?

    Any information no matter how small would be greatly


    Kieron Hill
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    Hello Keiron, fine Regiment the Queen’s, my old man was with them. B)

    You’ll probably find more references to 131st Infantry Brigade (or 131 Brigade), of which the battalion was part.

    The 8th Army (at EL ALAMEIN, October 1942)
    - 7th Armoured Division
    - - 131st Infantry Brigade
    - - - 1/5 Bn Queens Regiment
    1/6 Bn Queens Regiment
    1/7 Bn Queens Regiment

    Have a look at the site below and you’ll get lots more info and links.

    As regards M.E.F.I.C.M.F., this is a composite of several terms is it not? C.M.F. stands for Central Mediterranean Force. I’m not certain about the other letters unless they stand for Middle East Force and Infantry? Or is the ‘I’ a divider?

    In respect of Private or Corporal, there could be an admin error, but most likely the paperwork for his promotion to Corporal had not completed processing before he was wounded or died. It’s also possible he was a Lance Corporal or Acting Corporal (Lance is the more common term but during wartime Units could do strange things), and the paperwork was not or not yet processed. Lance or Acting ranks meant as far as his Unit was concerned he held that rank and carried out associated duties. i.e. In the 1/6 he was a Corporal, but if he got seconded to another Unit he would be classed as a Private.

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    The Army Roll of Honour (Soldiers Died in ww2) says that he was a private and that he was born in North London and his residence was in Surrey. His branch at death was ‘infantry’. The rest of the details you already have.

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