POWs, Norway, April 1940

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  1. dave500

    dave500 Senior Member

    My eBay photo arrived today from Germany.

    I am posting a resized (1000 dpi) version here.

    Hopefully, someone will recognize the British POWs.

    The families deserve to see this photo.

    I scanned it at 1200 dpi by the way.

    Dave POWs RS.jpg POWS Reverse RS.jpg
  2. BarbaraWT

    BarbaraWT Member

    Trettin is the location?
    These early captures spent long years as POWs in very difficult conditions.
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  3. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member

    Hi Barbara,

    I think it is Tretten, Norway.

    Steve Foster posted on this forum about his father’s Battalion making a last stand there 23rd April 1940. He may be able to identify some of the personnel in the photo.


    8th Bn Sherwood Foresters - Last stand at Tretten
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  4. dave500

    dave500 Senior Member

    Thanks for the info, Steve.

  5. Tullybrone

    Tullybrone Senior Member

    74650332-5161-4343-808C-93D28298F936.jpeg Hi Dave,

    You’re welcome.

    Looking through the pictures attached by Steve Foster (in the link to another forum I attached to my first post) I’ve copied one into this post as I think it is the same officer wearing the “overcoat” sitting in your image described by Steve Foster as Lt Col Ford, Commanding Officer 8th Sherwood Foresters.

  6. dave500

    dave500 Senior Member

    The caption to this photo in Kynoch's book, page 133, states it is LTC German, CO of 1/5 Leicesters.

    I do not believe it is the same officer in my photo.

  7. dave500

    dave500 Senior Member

    My second photo of the Tretten POWs arrived today from Germany. From eBay.

    Resized to 1000 dpi to post here.

    Dave POWs 2.jpg POWs 2 Reverse.jpg
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  8. dave500

    dave500 Senior Member

    Last Friday, 31 August, I sent both photos to the Curator of the Museum of the Mercian Regiment.


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