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    I have some photos that were my father's taken whilst a prisoner in Stalag VIIIB/Lamsdorf 344. They are of himself and others, taken in a room with furniture and a picture on the wall. Not sure if they were taken at the same time or not. We know the men were given uniforms for these photos which were then handed back. Smart dress and a domestic setting all part of the propaganda no doubt.

    My question: my father spent most of his POW term in a work party located about 200km from the main camp at Lamsdorf. Were the men transported back to Lamsdorf for the purpose of photos or were these set up and organised by the company/business owner benefitting from the labour, possibly as one of the requirements for accessing cheap labour?
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    Hi VAC,

    can you post the pics?The house may still exist. any knowledge as to 200km in what direction?
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    Hello Vac,

    What was your father's name? Do you know which work party he was sent to? If you tell us that we may well know who the employer was and perhaps be able to get near to anwering your question,


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    Work party E337 based Krakorice -- just double checked distance about 126km - but still a long way to go back for photos? Will post pics probably tomorrow -- they only show a small section of a room as described -- I had assumed this was a mock up in a corner of a hut.

    I have another picture of someone looking for all the world as though he is sitting on a garden wall but when you blow it up you can see it's fake.
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    do you know this link?

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    Hi, yes and through that site have a link to a reference to E338 party working for Knappek -- my father being moved from E337 to E338 in Nov 1944.

    Also have linked with the Central Museum for POW at Lambinowice. They are currently researching work parties but still very much in the early stages. I just wondered if anyone on the site had reminiscences from relatives who were at at Stalag VIIB or elsewhere regarding the process for the photos which presumably were intended to send home.

    Also would appreciate if anyone has any knowledge of E57 -- it does not appear on any work party list I have come across and the above museum have no references to it. It could be my father was mistaken and that was not the work party number but it is strange that all the lists I have seen have E57 missing. There are a few other missing numbers lists. Could it be that work parties were set up and then disbanded as no longer required and records lost?
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    I would imagine the photos were taken “in situ” - as you point out it was a bit of a hike back to Lamsdorf for a few photos. My great granddad amassed quite a collection of photos of himself and fellow POWs in a variety of formal and informal situations. I was surprised at first, assuming that the Germans would want to strictly control the use of cameras to prevent them being used to make ID documents for escape attempts but it would appear not to be the case.
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    If you are in contact with Lambinowice Museum could you please mention work camp E220?

    I have a July 1942 postcard from a relative there but can’t find it on any lists.


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    Hi, This is the link to one of the researchers at the museum.

    Iwona Cichoń <i.cichon@cmjw.pl>

    Would you mind if I suggested you contact direct. They have been patient and very helpful with my enquiries but I have pestered them a bit and I don't want to outstay my welcome if you see what I mean.
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    If you look carefully at the pic with the l/Cpl sitting on the table you will see that the bare floor boards don't match the "room" and also the bottom of the "wall" doesn't look right. In the group pic - touched up along the line somewhere- the seated figure is my father -- note how dirty his shoes are. The fabric of his right leg trouser falls in a way that shows his legs are quite thin, similarly the left leg of the man seated on the arm does seem as though it too is very thin. The man standing has a belt tied tightly round quite a narrow waist, presumably to hold up the trousers. Although not overfed they all look reasonably well.

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