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    I'm trying to find a little more about why POW's exchanged identities - I know sometimes it was to cover for an escaper but beyond that I'm unsure - the particular example I am interested in is L Peltell 4804574 of the Lincolnshires (6th Battalion POW at Sedjenane I think) who exchanged identity with either F T Sedgewick 4389874 Green Howards or T Sedgwick. 1068450 of the Royal Artillery (according to the Ancestry POW lists), but the subject in general has got me thinking.


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    Private Peltall's service book, he was with the BEF in France as well as teh later fighting in which he was captured.

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    Alistair, he seems to have signed his name Peltell. Which do you think is right?
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    I'd say he knows best so Peltell, the discharge certificate at the back also has Peltell - ancestry has no L/Leslie Peltall's at all, but it does have L/Leslie Peltell in the POW, birth, marriage and death bits, so again E seems to be winning.

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    You should read Bill Ash's book ('Under The Wire').

    As a POW, he exchanged identities and ended up in a different camp (Heydekrug?), far away from Luft 3.

    A good read, either way.

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    I've just made use of the services of "psywar.org" to get hold of a number of POW questionnaires including Pte Peltell's, I had hoped that it would give an explaination but no such luck - it did say after the Italian surrender he went on the run and evaded for 5 months before being recaptured by the Germans. Hopefully the answer will lie in one of the soldier whose identity he swapped with - both possibilities are on order and hopefully they exist and I'll have them by the end of the week.


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