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    My grandad was a POW at a Hakodate camp in Hokkaido. His name was Albert Edward Jordan and was in the RAF. His tag number was 7279744. I have found an Albert Jordan on the Branch 1 list!
    Sadly I do not have any further information because he would never speak about his experience which is understandable.
    I would love to find out more information.
    Could anyone point me in the right direction?
    Thank you in advance.
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    Find my Past has this. Albert Edward Jordan 1279744. DOB 1920. Aircraftsman 1st Class. (AC1). Residence Brampton. POW Camp Hakodate. He is also listed as AC2

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  3. timuk

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    Albert Edward Jordan is on the roster for Hakodate 1B, Ashibetsu POW Camp.
    There is a group photo which contains him on this link: Hakodate #1 Muroran-Ashibetsu POW Camp
    From his Japanese Index Card (above) the date of capture, 20/3/42, is interesting as it looks as though he evaded capture for a while as this date does not fit with the surrender of Singapore or Java. Unfortunately the place of capture has not been translated - anyone reading Japanese?

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    Traditional Chinese characters are very similar to Japanese characters so ask Google Translate to translate from English to Chinese ( Traditional) then copy and paste the character to Google Translate "Japanese" character to get the English. You may well get the Japanese syllable characters if you ask GT for Japanese directly. The answer for the re-translation was somewhat unexpected ( "Toothpick !" ) but I think the answer is that he was captured in Java. I did eventually get this:


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    The characters shown 爪哇 are the characters representing Java on several cards I have in my collection. So it seems very likely he was captured there.
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    I am not at home to do a proper check, but 20th March usually suggests it to be Sumatra, although I have seen some Java cards dated this late. Most Java cards have the date of 8th March.
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