POW work Camps 107 Italy and 2048L Schladming Austria

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    Thank you. Yes they are the same men (same POW & regimental numbers). I received 1 A4 page photocopy of a list dated 6 August 1943, of prisoners at Campo 107, a work camp about 5kms from Torviscosa, from the Red Cross Archives in Geneva. We visited the Torviscosa and the camp site, now known as Villagio de Roma. About 90% of the camp buildings have been demolished and replaced with houses. I know I would be pushing my luck to find these men now.
    Colin R
    Hi I am new to World War II talk and was just researching my late Dad John Hector Augustine Mudford (Private 40295) of 2ND NZEF Fifth Reinforcements.
    Dad was taken prisoner in Campo 57 and the Campo P.G.107. 17th March 1943.

    Would my Dad be on your list Colin? Please email me personally on kareensquires@bigpond.com.au if he is.It would mean so much to me.:poppy:
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    Ray, I would recommend you read the book "Fighting with the Enemy", by Susan Jacobs, of Auckland N.Z. It is about N.Z. POW's in northern Italy. If you are in N.Z., try your local library. I bought my copy from Borders in Christchurch, however they have since gone out of business. Regards,
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    Re soldiers of World War II in and around work camps of P.G 107, I just found
    out last night how Dad (John Hector Augustine Mudford), held The Italians in high regard.
    He named my sister Pichelo (little one). I however was named Porky (fat one).

    It may sound trivial, but the way of the language structure of Prisoners of War,
    is not the same as when they left their native lands.

    Example being that The Gerry were renowned for name calling.

    Just a moot point perhaps, but a very powerful reminder of how isolation
    changes people.

    Kareen Squires (I think the miliatary call it being in love with ones',captive or The Stockholm Syndrome).
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    Karen, here are copies of the listing of your Dad from the Italian POW list and a link to the document.

    Italian POW's 1-8 | Powvets

    Also, please edit your previous post and obfuscate your email address or you will start to get tons of spam.

    Use: kareensquires at bigpond dot com dot au

    to show your email, or ask them to email you through your profile (best option, make sure your email is updated).


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    Hi Colin,
    Are these your men(Prisoners of War British army 39-45)
    Cpl T A Gilliard] RASC Regimental No T/135006 Camp Stalag 18A Pow No9196.
    Bdr A.Auty RA Regimental No 841943 Camp Stalag 18A Pow No9197
    Gnr .H.A.Bennett RA Regimental No 6098379 Camp Stalag 18A Pow No9192
    Sgt .G.Wilton Rifle Brigade Regimental No 6700643 Camp Stalag 18A Pow No9198
    Rfn.J. Savage .R.Ulster.R Regimental No7012391 Camp Stalag 18A Pow No 9195

    I just picked up one of my Grandfather Alfred Gilliard's old books. It's stamped 'Gift of war organisation british red cross' and 'GEPRUFT STALEG XVIII A', and handwritten T/135006 Cpl T.A.Gilliard'. I idly typed in his number into a search engine and this post came up. I'd love to know more about his war history, he never spoke of it. Where does the above record come from?
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    Yes, they are the names that appeared on the 1 page I received from the Red Cross in Geneva when I wrote to them in 2008 requesting info from their records. The list was compiled following one of their visits to the Camp. Their address is ;_
    Central Tracing Agency
    Archives Department
    19 Avenue de la Prix
    1202, Geneva
    Sorry for the delay in replying, I have not been on the website for some time.
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    Hi Colin,
    This is maybe a bit late but I'm interested in the location of Campo 107 Torviscosa and any photos. I visited Italy in July 2018 and met up with the Italian family at Morsano al Tagliamento that sheltered my uncle and four other NZ POW escapees for 14 months. They escaped from that camp in September 1943.
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    Hello Ray,

    Some info. on the location of PG 107.

    It was turned into a workers' village called Villaggio Roma.
    Other views:

    Google Maps

    Google Maps

    Google Maps

    You will see from the aerial photos I have attached from 'google' that it can be clearly seen from the air and that from the ground a row of huts, now part of a farm, can be easily identified.

    Five years ago the town of Torviscosa held an exhibition - leaflet attached in both Italian and English - I would email them if I were you at the address given,

    PG 107 Villaggio Roma.jpg

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    Hi Vitellino,

    Thanks very much for the information. I would like to receive the leaflet. My email is that in my profile - greer.ray AT gmail.com

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    Please edit your email to take out the @ - put 'at' in its place - better safe than sorry.

    I will email the comune at Torviscosa for you and ask them to respond directly to you,

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