POW who freed them?

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    Last entry on service record card says "freed by allied forces on the W E front". Is there any way of finding who it was and therefore a war diary or similar?

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    It would be really difficult to identify a specific unit. It looks like he was a POW at Stalg IV-D (Stalag IV-D - Wikipedia) which was liberated by US troops. But that depends on whether he was still at that camp in 1945 - he may have been moved or been part of the forced march of POWs across Germany when they were moved away from the advancing Russians.
    There is some more info on the camp here: Stalag IV-D (Zw) Help needed!
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    On April 26, the commanders of the 69th Infantry Division of the First US Army and the 58th Guards Rifle Division of the 5th Guards Army (Soviet Union) met at Torgau, southwest of Berlin



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    Thank you all for the replies, a lot of information and I now have a better understanding of the situation. The final post in: Stalag IV-D (Zw) Help needed! , pretty much mirrors his experience.
    Another page from service records have him home on 18/4/45, so he was not kept hanging about.
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