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    I am looking for help with my Grandfather's records. His name was James Frederick Townsend and his number was 1558265, a gunner in the 125th Anti Tank Reg't.
    I have found an image of his record which says his date of capture was 17 2 15 and that he was captured in Singapore. Apparently his camp was M - 3062, I've also seen another card that mentions Thailand Camp 4D and he told my mum that he was building the railway.
    Any help interpreting this information would be great,

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    He was captured at the fall of Singapore 15/02/1942. 17 2 15 is the Japanese equivalent date.
    He was held at Changi, on Singapore island, and was later sent to work on the Burma-Thailand Railway.
    The questionnaire that he completed on liberation is available here;
    Townsend, James Frederick
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    That's brilliant, thank you very much
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    You may also want to apply for his full service record which will take you from enlistment to when he was demobbed, these records are ONLY available via the MOD and the forms you need are here Request records of deceased service personnel


    Changed the MOPD to MOD finger problems, or maybe brain problems as the 2 are sometimes connected
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    Excellent thank you
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    Depending on the level of detail you require, be careful with the word 'Changi'. This is often presumed to mean Changi Gaol/Jail. While that can be correct, it normally referred to Selerang Barracks. Selerang Barracks was an horrendous location where many thousands of men were kept in a barracks designed for just a few hundred and with only a few latrines between them...and with lots of the men suffering all sorts of conditions and diseases. Hell on Earth.

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