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    Hi Would anyone have any photos or information about the following person who was a pow at Stalag 20 B His pow no was 14324 NAME Alfred Edward Crawford royal artillery no 781644 any info would be great regards Mick Gray
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    From Ancestry database:

    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: A Crawford
    Rank: Gunner
    Army Number: 781644
    Regiment: Royal Artillery
    POW Number: 14324
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: XX-B
    Camp Location: Malbork, Poland
    Record Office: Royal Artillery (Field) Record Office, Foots Cray, Sidcup, Kent
    Record Office Number: 5

    Other forum members are more experts on RA matters and will probably help you in your quest - have you contacted the RA Museum?

    Have you sent off for his service record - this is the foundation stone for research - link here https://www.gov.uk/requests-for-personal-data-and-service-records#how-to-apply-for-service-personnel-records

    Do you know if he escaped? as there may be an Escape & Evasion report

    He may also have completed a Liberation Questionaire - not all did unfortunately - from a quick look it doesn't look as though he did, but others have better access to records than I.

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    Do you know date/location of Capture and what Regiment he was in?
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    I am off to Kew on Thursday so will see if he completed a Liberation questionnaire.


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    Liberation Questionnaire attached. Slight deference in the name but same Service Number.



    Attached Files:

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    Can l bump this and ask for someone to let Mick know he has had a number of replies here, please
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    Hi Nick many thanks for the info ta mick gray
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