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    Hello 2nd SAS Italy,

    Unfortunately a fair number of E & E reports for men who crossed the lines in Italy seem not to have survived ( or are they somehwere in the NA needing to be catalogued? I have heard/read this somewhere).

    In case you don't have it, you can download Frank's recommendation for the MM from the National Archives:

    Recommendation for Award for Cook, Frank Thomas Rank: Sapper Service No: ... | The National Archives

    I have now found the reference to him in the Maple Driftwood Report (it's on this forum) in case you haven't seen it:

    Pct. COOK, 2nd S.A.S., while escaping, met Captain GUNSTON near FERMO at the beginning of February 1944. Captain GUNSTON told COOK that he still had a further task to complete and then would evacuate his party by sea.


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    Thanks for the information. Yes i have copies of both the award and recommendation documents.

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