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    Hi all

    I am carrying out some research into Military Hospitals which had German POWs as patients during and after the Second World War.

    I have some details from the National Archives, the English Heritage report, etc, but I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has any information on any of the following hospitals.

    4 Military Hospital, Knutsford, England
    93 Oaklands Emergency Hospital, Bishop Auckland, England
    99 Shugborough Park Hospital, England
    132 Northwick Park Hospital, Blockley, England
    160 Military Hospital, Lydiard Park, Swindon, England
    161 Belfast Military Hospital, Northern Ireland
    162 Military Hospital, Naburn, England
    231 Redgrave Park Hospital, England
    234 Talgarth Hospital, Wales
    252 Military Hospital, Abergwili, Wales
    Wheatley Military Hospital, Oxford, England
    Park Prewett Hospital, Basingstoke, England
    Watford Military Hospital, England

    There are other hospitals that had POWs as patients, including US Army hospitals in 1944/45 - there is some information on these at www.med-dept.com but I'd be interested in any other info on these too.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance
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    In haste FWIW ... you've hopefully already googled and tried TNA's Discovery (to expand your search to regional holdings) & the various LAs' library services for their local history holdings & niche expertise ? The Wellcome Library, too, have pre-NHS records - a good number of them handily digitised and freely accessible - being the peacetime output of some hospitals requisitioned for war use.

    I happen to have OHA's Old House, Wheatley record incidental from researching a 1943 Oxford adoption - referring, presumably due to boundary changes, across the border to the Berkshire Record Office and so, to come full cycle, reminding me of A2A (now built into Discovery).

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    Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I have obtained some records from Kew - they are not that detailed unfortunately. I will have a look at the Wellcome Trust library - thanks for that suggestion.
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    I have found material on the Knutsford Hospital at the TNA, including comments on the RAMC CO in charge and his poor attitude to re-education. I assume you have looked in the FO series for this hospital?

    There is also an ICRC report on Knutsford when the Italians were there in the FO series on inspections
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    I have some information about Number 24 General Hospital which was at Campbell College, Belfast.
    It was bombed on the night of 4th/5th May 1941 with the loss of 19 Doctors and Patients.

    Please take a look in the Greater Belfast Part 1 section of my website and scroll down.
    I also have a list of details of both Allied soldiers and P.O.W.'s who died at the Hospital and I have photographs of the headstones of the Medical Staff who are buried in Belfast City Cemetery.

    I am aware that there was also a Military Hospital / P.O.W. Camp at Orangefield in Belfast. I have seen this named as Grangefield in some places which is incorrect.

    I hope this is of use to you and would be very interested in any information you have regarding Orangefield.

  6. Mathsmal

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    Many thanks for these ideas.


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