POW Escapers - Is there a list anywhere?

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    There`s a Phillip A Woodger Married 1949 Scarborough, Kathleen M Wilson.

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    As in family tree details - post 17

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005
    Name: Phillip A Woodger
    Registration Date: Jan 1949
    [Feb 1949]
    [Mar 1949]
    Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
    Registration district: Scarborough
    Inferred County: Yorkshire North Riding
    Spouse: Kathleen M Wilson
    Volume Number: 1b
    Page Number: 1791

    Also possible
    West Yorkshire, England, Electoral Registers, 1840-1962
    Name: Phillip Woodger
    Year: 1948
    Country: England
    County: West Yorkshire
    Parliamentary Division: Barkston Ash
    Reference Number: Barkston Ash
    Address shown as 'Ash Tree Inn'

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    There`s another Phillip A Woodger who features in the Liverpool local press around 1939 . A football player who played for `Marine` but as its Liverpool I erased it from the marriage post (thus leaving a duplication of TD`s info which is contained in the probate listing) ? Posted for general info below.


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    Marine FC, a professional club, still exist in Crosby, Merseyside, and they are recording the clubs history in preparation for its 125th aniversary. Although an amateur club in the late 1930's they played in the all professional Lancashire Combination League, having been in the FA Amateur Cup Final in 1932.

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    Thank you all so much once again.

    The story I was told was that he had two restaurants, one right on the sea front which was a 3 story building and one at the back of the high street which was a 2 story place. When talking about the sea front place the number 44 was mentioned, I don't know if that was an address or a name but apparently it is now near a branch of the works or may be the works itself?

    All that being said it must have taken time to get established, I don't know how quickly he would have been repatriated so the pub in post 22 could have been a start for him (or a third location??).

    I haven't heard of him being a footballer but he was described as a bit of a playboy who was into a little bit of everything so it could well be him, I don't suppose there are too many PA Woodger's around.

    I've had a quick look at the website about the Empire Wave, it definitely sounds like it matches. I'll have to try and get a copy of the nominal roll mentioned to confirm he was there when I'm next at Kew.

    Thanks again for the help everyone.

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    Returned POW received their back pay on repatriation.

    Non commissioned officers and men - under the rank of Sgt - had an issue with the amount they received. A deduction was made because they were “paid” by the German’s for their work - in accordance with Red Cross rules. The issue being that the “pay” was in almost unusable/worthless Lager Geld!

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    Thanks a lot Steve, I was wondering about that.

    So he's received a few years back pay which I suppose for an officer must have been a fair amount.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Morning TD,

    I've been rereading the posts in this thread and noticed your linked to sniper in the skies and that it appears to be on your computer.

    I was wondering if you could tell me where I can get that document from.


  9. Tricky Dicky

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    Its not on my computer - its a link where I found Woodgers name mentioned. The book 'Sniper in the Skies' is a Pen & Sword book written by Nick Thomas and is about the wartime activities of

    The Story of George Frederick ‘Screwball’ Beurling, DSO, DFC, DFM and BAR
    First published in Great Britain in 2015 by
    Pen & Sword Aviation
    an imprint of
    Pen & Sword Books Ltd
    47 Church Street
    South Yorkshire
    S70 2AS

    file:///C:/Users/Computer/Downloads/27297.pdf -

    on page 163/297 there is a mention of a P A Woodger -

    Sergeant N.D. Sintetos, RCAF (USA) No. 126 Squadron
    Sergeant A.B. Stead, RNZAF No. 249 Squadron
    Sergeant L.H. Swain No. 185 Squadron
    Sergeant J. Tarbuck No. 185 Squadron
    Sergeant J.D. Vinall No. 185 Squadron
    Sergeant W.R. Whitmore No. 1435 Squadron
    Flying Officer P.A. Woodger, RCAF (USA) No. 185 Squadron
    Sergeant J.F. Yeatman, RNZAF No. 126 Squadron

    but this added confusion - as you can see he is listed as RCAF (USA) which following the route of this thread could not be as he is believed to be Newcastle born & bred and the only possible connection might be that he trained in Canada for a short while. I have not found any travel records for a man of this name and year of birth emigrating from the UK and taking up residence in USA, although I do not have 100% access to all records online

  10. Shiny

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    Thanks a lot TD.

    For the benefit of anyone following this thread and as per our PM's earlier, I am in contact with Philip Woodger's great Nephew who remembers him from his childhood.

    He is definately Newcastle born and bred. He lived in Newcastle from birth up until at least 1936 then at some point before the 1939 register was taken he moved to the Liverpool area. After the war he settled in Scarbrough where he started the restaurants I mentioned earlier.

    Maybe there is another namesake who was Canadian that I've yet to discover?

    Thanks again for all the help everyone.

  11. Tricky Dicky

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    or American who travelled to Canada to join up

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  12. Shiny

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    Good point

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