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    I am currently researching Prisoners of War camps in the Oxfordshire area, and would be very interested to hear from anyone who has information on either the camps, or the prisoners held there. (The boundaries of Oxfordshire changed in the 1970s, so some of these camps were formerly in Berkshire)

    The main camps were

    Camp 33 - Old Windmills Camp, Blackthorn, Arncot, near Bicester (there were a number of smaller camps in the area - Camps 632 / 653 / 657 / 683)
    Camp 43 - Harcourt Hill Camp, North Hinksey, near Oxford
    Camp 246 - North Camp, Nettlebed, Henley-on-Thames
    Camp 553 - Bolero Camp, Graven Hill, Bicester
    Camp 661a - Eynsham Hall, near Witney
    Camp 687 - Shotover House, Wheatley, near Oxford
    Camp 695 - Horgard Barracks, Shrivenham
    Camp 652 / 653 - Durnell's Farm Camp (Magazine Camp), Central Ordnance Depot, Didcot

    I believe there were other, smaller camps near Faringdon and Chipping Norton but I have no details on these.

    Any information would be very welcome.

    The research is contributing towards an exhibition on POWs which I hope will be held at the new Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum ( www.sofo.org.uk) next year.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi do you know of any list of names of German POW held and released in the Oxfordshire area?
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    Hi Matt,

    Please see below details for Horgard Camp.

    POW camps in the UK - Look at page 50 and it will give you a brief description of Horgard Camp and grid reference too. Below is the location of Horgard Camp which is located outside of the UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham. In fact, the Officers' quarters are located on the old site.



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