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Discussion in 'General' started by plant-pilot, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. plant-pilot

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    I am looking for information on a prisoner of war camp in Germany. I don't have much to go on except that it was near the small town/village of Nieheim in NRW, about 25 Km east of Paderborn & 19 Km west of Höxter.

    I'm looking for it's Stalag number, who would have been there (specifically 1st Abn Div from Arnhem) and any other information available. I once fpound a list of the PoW camp designations and locations but I can't seem to find it again.

    I know it's a long shot, but I've been amazed by the information available on this site and would love to be amazed again. :)
  2. Karen Bloor

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    I think this might be the site you are looking for www.pegasus-one.org

    It seems to have POW camps listed for Germany Italy Austria etc.


    Karen :)
  3. plant-pilot

    plant-pilot Senior Member

    Thanks Karen, I think that's the one. If it's not it's just as good.

    It doesn't have the place I'm looking for under the name I have, so it looks like I'm going to have to search through the list and find which of the list turn out to be close to the place I'm looking for.

    Is it possible that camps had different names to different people? Official name, name from the locals and name given by the inmates? It did happen occasionaly in the UK with airfield names, except one party weren't called inmates even if they sometime felt like one. Anyone found this with camps in Germany?
  4. Kiwiwriter

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    Try the New Zealand Official History volume "Prisoners of War." It's on the web now, and has excellent detail and maps. New Zealanders went where the British went, so it'll be the same camps.
  5. Karen Bloor

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    Just had another thought. Try //prisonerofwar.freeservers.com. This is the prisoners of war association website.

    From them I found out that my grandfather who I knew had been in PG 68 in Italy, they told me the place was Vetralla.

    I have subsequently found out that he was then transferred to Stalag 18a Wolfsberg in Austria.

    Hope you find the camp you are loohking for.

    Karen :D
  6. plant-pilot

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    Thanks everyone, all good tips and very useful.
  7. plant-pilot

    plant-pilot Senior Member

    With the help of Karen Bloor's advice and the site at www.prisonerofwar.freeservers.com I have now found out that, as is often the case, that the information I had wasn't 100% and he wasn't at Nieheim. He was apparently at Stalag 12A at Limburg, which means that after his escape, rather than a short move to the village where he was liberated it was quite a trek.

    I have confirmed that the village of his liberation is where it is, as he described it to me and by coincidence there used to be a British Forward Ammunition Depot there which I visited occasionally, and he described without prompting a major feature of the local area.

    That said, I was wondering if anyone had any information on Stalag 12A? Pictures? Descriptions of conditions and life there?

    There are a few specific questions that I have:-

    a) Does Limburg mean the Admin area Limburg-Weilburg, Hessen or specifically the town Limburg an der Lahn, Hessen?

    b ) Anyone know where the exact location of the camp?

    c) Why would my uncle have called it Nieheim?

    Any help as always appreciated.

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