PoW Camp 694 Handy Cross

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  1. I have just come back from a trip to the south west to locate and photograph the sites of a number of PoW Camps as they are now.
    I have a question on PoW Camp 694 Handy Cross.
    English Heritage as we all know are really good at locating camp????
    EH place the camp on the North side of Clovelly Road in Bideford at Blights Car sales garage.
    However, the Handy Cross area of Bideford is to the Soth West of this point an area now in part coverd by new housing.

    So, my question is which of these two locations is it?

    My pics whitch cover both places inc drone images may be found at PoW Camp 694 Handy Cross Camp
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    The PoW camp at Handy Cross was immediately west of Blight's, in what is now an industrial estate. It was a former American training camp (known as Bowden Camp), taken over when the GI's left for D-Day. It was still in place in the 1950s.

    Long/Lat is 51° 0'38.03"N 4°13'28.46"W
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  4. okay that would be here then.... [​IMG]
  5. okay then this would be it

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