Potter's Hill / Bracken Hill

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    Entries for Potter’s Hill (Camp 127 / 296) often mention Bracken Hill Camp. I have not seen this camp listed under this name.
    “Bracken Hill and Potter Hill are two different camps. B/H is at Burncross, P/H is at High Green. The roads round B/H are Chapel Rd, Burncross Rd and Bracken Hill, and Spring Wood on the other side. To get to P/H go down Charlton Brook, then up Potter Hill Lane, that is the nearest side to B/H.” Another entry said the camp was located next to a grammar school.

    The map attached shows the camp (with standard layout). Does anyone know if this camp came under a different name as I can't find it in the lists?

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    Reply to my own thread - NGR SK 354 956.
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    It would seem that the site was officially the Burnhill ASD (Ammunition Supply Depot) during the war and was only used for German POWs post war. It is recorded on a number of lists as Burnhill ASD although on maps the neighbouring wood is Prisoners Wood
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