Potatoes: Cooked Not Peeled Suggestion

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    Sir Waldron Smithers
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    asked the Secretary of State for War whether he will issue an order that all potatoes served to the troops should be cooked not peeled, thus avoiding waste and preserving the most nutritious part?

    The Secretary of State for War
    (Captain Margesson)
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    I am afraid that my hon. Friend's proposal would mean depriving the troops of an important element of variety in their menu. Steps are already taken, however, to avoid unnecessary waste in the peeling of potatoes. Potato machines which scrape without paring are installed in all large cookhouses, and instruction in scraping by hand is given at all Army schools of cookery and cookery training centres. The subject is also included in the curricula of all the messing officers' training centres.

    Sir W. Smithers
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    Will my right hon. and gallant Friend see that these things are done as widely as possible?

    Mr. Granville
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    Does this mean that there will be no potato peels for the feeding of pigs?

    British Army - Tuesday 1 April 1941 - Hansard - UK Parliament
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    and presumably all those 'peelers' will be made redundant or have to join the Police Force :-P

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