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    Hi -I am new to this, just discovered the site! I am trying to see if my father, Horace Reginald Rogerson was in the SAS during WW2. I was told he was in the RAOC but cannot find any records of him when trying the usual websites for WW2 . As far as I know he wasn’t an officer, and survived the war dying in 1992/3. Things my mother has said, about him having to swim up a river when serving in the desert, to avoid the enemy etc do not sound,like RAOC. He would never talk about much to do with the war, we have some photos of him in the desert. Any ideas where I can look?
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    Hi Lou

    The only place to start is with his service records - from the MOD - Request records of deceased service personnel this will tell you officially where he was who he was with and when he was with them. If your mother is still alive then she can apply and they will be free otherwise its £30 - but well spent. Once you have these records then finding the War Diaires for the units he was with at the times he was with them is a whole lot easier.

    Dont take this the wrong way but we have quite a number who say their relative was SAS or SBS or similar, thats why its always best to start off on the right foot with service records


    If he was in North Africa then the other possibility was that he was recruited to drive for the LRDG, the forerunner to the SAS, again records will tell all
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    Thanks! I only thought of SAS because something was on tv today, didn’t realise they were set up during the desert war. Things said didn’t fit with what my mother thought. I shall try the MOD
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    Tried a contact with a LRDG list, this man does not appear on it. Alas the list is only partial. Good luck with the MoD Records.

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