Possible Lamsdorf POW Funeral Photos

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  1. Thanks mate! Really appreciated.

    I would love to find out the circumstances of his capture in Rouen!
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  3. Thanks TD.

    I am actually going to be staying not far from TNA in May. I think I will take the opportunity to go and have a look for myself.
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    If you are going to “pop” into Kew you may want to read this topic to give you the heads up.

    National Archives - Kew Tips?

    You can now register online and order the WO416 document TD linked above. It’s from the German POW Central Registry Card Index set of documents that was seized by the Allies in 1945. It’s only been available at Kew for a couple of years. I had to submit a FOI application to get access to my father’s documents - sadly only the single Index Card (2 sides).

    I note it says 6 documents are in the file which suggests there is more than merely the Index Card. Bear in mind you need to be an expert in German Gothic script to interpret the writing on the documents - it helps if you have the Red Cross papers to compare!

    Good Luck

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  5. Hi Steve,

    The fact it would be in German gothic script didn't even cross my mind!

    Thanks for all the tips and pointers. I really appreciate it.

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    Gothic script or Sütterlin handwriting ?

    Sütterlin - Wikipedia

    Unfortunately, even present-day German speakers have trouble with it. However, if you can pick out some known words such as placenames and work back, it can be done.

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