Poona 146 RAC

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    Sgt 14428407 Sidney Chapman

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  2. JamesDrury

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    nice picture - is that 146 RAC ?
  3. Alamo2008

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    Hi James
    Don't really know.
    I have a picture of Dad with Mum in Bootle on V E day May 1945
    He wouldn't talk about his War years and all I knew was that he was in India till 1947
    Came home married Mum in 1948 and I came along in October 1949
    I remembering him once mentioning the Duke of Wellington's Regt
    But I always got the impression that he felt ashamed never seeing action,
    He had two Photos taken in Poona with Tanks. We kids grew up to the commands "Jildee"
    He worked as a Blaw Knox Asphalt machine driver always wore an overall and Black Berry.
    I never gave that any thought.
    When he passed away in 2012 I found these Discharge papers.
    The other day my brother just happened to ask what Regt Dad was in and whether he was in Burma.
    I googled Duke of Wellington's Regt got a reference to the RAC 146 being noncombatant at Poona which seemed to fit Dad's Army life, then found this WW2 site and your posts.
    Thought I'd post, what I had, to see what came of it, got loads of his photos at Poona somewhere, will need to dig them out.


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  4. JamesDrury

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    Interesting picture.
    Its a possibility. my grandfather was in the 146 unitl 1945.
    I know the 9th DWR 146 got Sherman tanks late in the war and they appear to be Shermans in the picture.
    The regiment spent most of its time in India though did venture into Burma late in 1944 for 3/4 months.
  5. davidbfpo

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    Post No.2 elsewhere:
    From Post 12. The battalion was part of 16 Brigade, HQ at Meerut and they were based on 30/5/1947 at Ambala (See JPG1) and they left for the UK on 19/9/1947 (See JPG5).

    Link: Which British units were left in India before and at the time of Partition?

    Note 146 RAC are not listed as being in India, in these official documents. Wiki has a very thin entry and nothing post-WW2: 146th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps - Wikipedia

    There other threads here on 146 RAC, here is one: 146 Regiment RAC Note Captain Sir Tom Moore served with them: Captain Sir Tom Moore, 2020 | Online Collection | National Army Museum, London
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    I see that on the service record it is RAOC. Have another look .The crease in the paper obscures somewhat.

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