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    Something interesting about Polish Corps.
    Do you know that there was a soldier in Corp, who was a ...bear?
    [Wojtek[1] (1942-1963; pronounced [ˈvɔjtɛk]) usually spelt Voytek in Britain, was a Syrian brown bear cub adopted by soldiers of the 22 Kompania Zaopatrywania Artylerii (22nd Artillery Supply Company) of the Polish II Corps. During the Battle of Monte Cassino, Wojtek helped to move ammunition. The name "Wojtek" or "Wojciech" is old Slavic name and derived from two words: "woj" (the stem of "wojownik", warrior, and "wojna", war); and "ciech", enjoyment. Thus the name means "he who enjoys war".[2]

    Wojtek (soldier bear) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Honours for him in Scotland

    BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | South of Scotland | Honour sought for 'Soldier Bear'

    WojtekXThe Soldier Bear -X In the Ranks of Victors - Home

    Some photos:

    Wojtek the Bear

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    Welcome SabOtage, here's a good starting pointWorld War II
    I see you are in Canada. Did Grandad emmigrate there after WW2?
    I know alot did as they served alongside the Canadians from Normandy to Germany.
    As Poland was occupied by the Soviets many Poles opted for a new start in Canada.
    Back in October we visited the large Polish Cemetery in Normandy and paid our respects to your Grandad's comrades.
    Order of Battle for 1st Polish Armoured Division here.http://www.fireandfury.com/britinfo/firstpolarm.pdf

    As 1st Polish Armoured Div. stayed the winter of 44-45 in the surroundings of Breda Holland there are quiet some Poles who returned there after the war to marry the girls they met there and stayed.
    In Breda are also some things that remember the Polish presence.


    See: Poland in Exile - Holland

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    Many Canadian veterans of the Normandy campaign make a point of commenting on the Polish Corps. and the soldiers they served with. They earned the deep respect of their Canadian comrades. Particularly for the action at Hill 262 and their closure of the Falaise Gap.
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    Hi my polish grandad was captured by the americans in Orbetello in July 1944 in Italy escaped and then somehow found himself into Anders 2nd corps. He fought in several different campaigns in Italy appenines, bologna (and 2 more that I cant remember dont have his records infront of me sorry!)He never collected any of his medals - i sent for them a few months back. He also puts in his statement that he was sent for training in Rome. Would anyone know of this? Thanks!!!
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    My father, family name gogolinski, at age of 19 fought with polish corp in battle of monte cassino

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