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    After receiving my grandads records from RAF Northolt for his time served in the Polish 2nd Corps under the British Army. He states:

    'voluntarily enlisted in the Polish forces under British command with effect from 11.08.1944 and was posted to 21 infantry Regiment, 2 Polish Corps Troops Base.

    served in Italy in the Battle of Ancona, rear guard of 8 British Army, Action in Northern Apennines and Battle for Bologna/ Lombardy Plain.'

    How come I can't find any information on the 21st infantry regiment on the internet? Apart from that of the USA army.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?:confused:
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  3. Pete Keane

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    Can you check the date of enlistment again - Ancona was in June 1944.
  4. Smudger Jnr

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    'cos it should read 21st Infantry Battalion, who were a part of Polish II Corps Troop Base.



    Link here, scroll down to the bottom:

    II Corps (Poland) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    I am glad that you cleared that up, as I could only find mention of the 21st Infantry Battalion.

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    Thank you for that. Do you know of anyone that has photos from that regiment? Also I have checked again the documents and thats what it says. Shall i send them to you to have a look.....if your interested of course!!
    Sorry Smudjer i hope i didnt alarm you!!ha!
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    There are two threads crossing over here, your info makes sense, he would have been at ancona with the Wehrmacht....

    Close this thread now and we will move to the other thread.


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