Polish Air Force 1939 - Specifically 3 P. Lot (3 Pułk Lotniczy) 3rd Air Regiment

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    I am looking for any information pertaining to 3 P. Lot (3 Pułk Lotniczy), which is the 3rd Air Regiment - Aviation Division of the Polish Army.

    My Grandfather (In-law) was Polish, Stanislaw Konarzewski, and served in this Regiment from April 29, 1939 to Sept. 17, 1939. I would like to determine which Squadron (aka Eskadra Liniowa? or Line Flight?) he was posted to, although I suspect that most PAF records were destroyed. But even some general information regarding 3PL would be interesting.

    He subsequently escaped to France, fought there before escaping again to the UK. Joined the RAF/PAF, was shot down, became a POW, and was eventually repatriated. I have dug up tons of info.about his 1941+ RAF/PAF/POW story but I'm coming up empty on his time in Poland (and France for that matter).

    Any info. or pointers greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Have you tried this 2019 book, now in paperback 'First to Fight'. See: https://www.amazon.co.uk/First-Fight-Polish-War-1939/dp/1847924603

    Or asked the Sikorsky Museum, London: PISM | Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum | Instytut Polski i Muzeum gen. Sikorskiego

    Try this British-Polish PhD student, who is on Twitter. She may be able to provide more expert knowledge: Jenny Grant - School of History

    Given that the Polish Air Force is so closely connected to the RAF, would their museum in :Poland and related historians be able to help? I accept most 1939 records will have gone. Are there oral histories, that refer to the unit and those early days? Unlikely to be in the IWM, perhaps the RAF Museum @ Hendon.

    Do you speak / read Polish, or a close family member?
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    In case you haven't seen it yet here's the google translated wiki page on the 3rd Air Regiment (Polish) with a potted history and some photos. Plus some references to follow up on.

    3 Pułk Lotniczy – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

    Is this him? Not much info but a photo at least.

    Konarzewski Stanisław - Krzystek's List - Polish Air Force in Great Britain 1940-1947

    I know you have a lot of info on his RAF service but it looks like he served in 300 Squadron and this book, if you don't have it, may be worth looking at:
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    Hello and thank you for your response. The Sikorsky Museum is definitely on my list. My Mum lives in London and I'm compiling a list of things for her to look for. No doubt they will be very helpful once she manages to get there.

    I will check out the Wiki page as well. And yes, that is him in the picture. Taken at RAF Bramcote while he was at No. 18 OTU, circa August 1941 if I'm not mistaken.

    It is quite astonishing how much info. I've been able to uncover after quite literally starting with just a name and birthdate. That's why I am surprised how little I can find about 3PL. I do have his Polish, French, and UK service records, but unfortunately details are thin for 1939, which obviously is a key time period.

    Thank you again.

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