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    Police Constable Keith Palmer
    Died 22 March 2017, aged 48
    Tackling a man wielding two knives he sustained fatal stab wounds.
    Police Roll of Honour Trust
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    This coming weds, a memorial service for five Special Constables killed in air raid.
    Memorial service will pay tribute to five Great Yarmouth special constables killed in air raid.
    Gt Yarmouth police has lost ten men in its history 8 in WW2.
    Police Roll of Honour Trust
    The first man they lost was
    Police Fireman George Shreeve
    Died 3 March 1871, aged 31
    Killed in a fall whilst checking the police fire brigade escape ladders.
    Then in 1909 this man.
    Police Constable Charles William Alger
    Died 18 August 1909, aged 37
    Killed as he approached a man who had threatened him with a shotgun.
    He left a wife and four children. (One who was the wife's Grandmother)
    Charles William Alger (1872 - 1909) - Find A Grave Memorial
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    Tribute to PC Keith Palmer from MP James Cleverly:

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    Thank you for this
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    Terrible series of events in London. My thoughts are with the families of those that were murdered in this senseless act of brutality.
    For the sake of PC I will end it there.
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    Police Roll of Honour

    Keith Henry Blakelock QGM
    Police Constable

    Died 6th October 1985. Aged 40

    Metropolitan Police

    Involved in serious public disorder at Broadwater Farm he and colleagues went to protect firemen engaged in attempting to extinguish fire caused by rioters. He was beaten and stabbed to death.

    Posthumously awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal.
    Police Roll Of Honour Trust
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