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  1. Tank Man- Knight

    I’ve always wanted to be a Knight
    To feel the Queen’s sword
    On my shoulder would seem right
    My grateful country’s award.

    With thousands of others
    I stormed Normandy’s shores
    We were a band of brothers
    Allies with a common cause.

    Knocking out the enemy tanks
    Scrambling out, when mine was hit
    Comrades killed; eyes blank
    Carrying on, still doing my bit.

    Award from France, not expected
    “Legion of Honour”, not the sword
    For my comrades I accepted,
    From the British not a word.

    To be Knighted you must sing,
    Not do brave deeds in war,
    Tell jokes and do other things,
    Open your mouth in unearthly roar.

    Then you will be knighted
    And remembered by all,
    To the palace you’re invited
    On your shoulder, sword will fall.

    As a trooper, gunner in tanks,
    Into civvy street once more
    Penniless, with no thanks
    On my shoulder, no sword!

    Fighting from dawn to fading light,
    Comrades I forever mourn
    Each tank man, a Knight
    Their destiny when born.

    Len Beddow sent me a lot of his poems and has given me permission to share them with you. I really like this one. He wrote this shortly after he received the The Order of Légion d'Honneur from France

    Len Beddow 2017 24th Lancers Sherwood Rangers
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