Poem by Andrew Thomson

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    This poem was written by my father in law while lying at night in a trench at El Alimien, C Coy 8th Royal Scots 1939 - 1945 x


    Oft have I wondered why you smile
    Upon this arid land where death prevails
    And all the while
    Blood ! Stains the desert sand

    Is it a wan smile of pity
    Or of some secret glee
    That laughs at men,s futility
    Trying to out shine thee.

    The work of Nature, in whose hands
    God put the world to lead
    Whom man has failed to understand,
    Is master of all creeds.

    He said thou art gardeners of these lands
    To control sun, wind and rains
    Of life thou plant the beauteous fields
    While man plants only inhumanity to man !

    Andrew Thomson

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