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    I came across the term "pocket pistol" while transcribing some diary entries from 509 Bty orders of 145 (Berkshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA. From the little research I was able it seem to refers to a semi -automatic pistol as opposed to the issue service revolver. This was to be carried by the Troop leader.
    As a supplementary can anyone tell me the role of the Troop Leader in a Field Regt RA., the Troop Commander (usually a Captain) commanded the troop.

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    Hello Andrew

    see thread below

    the page referred to the Melior as a pocket pistol. My friend took it out of the officer's boot. He apparently had a little pocket sewn into the top of his jackboot to hold the pistol.

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    Hi Andrew.

    I have a book here by Philip Jobson entitled "Royal Artillery: Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations historical and modern". Under 'Troop Leader' it says the following:

    "Following the Second World War this role was undertaken by the second subaltern in a troop. He was responsible during a move for leading the troop gun groups and acted, if required, as battery leader. In action he assisted the Gun Position Officer and acted as his relief."

    It then says "See Battery Leader", which reads as follows:

    "The Battery Officer who was responsible for the movement and positioning of the Battery, he led guns between positions from the early 1900s until the troop organisation was introduced in 1938. After WW2 the Battery Leader was responsible for leading the battery gun group during a move. The role, at that time, was generally undertaken by the troop leader of the leading troop, although if he was available, the Battery Captain would undertake the role."

    I don't know if this is of any use to you?


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