Please help with some details on a WW2 RAF service record

Discussion in 'Service Records' started by bronco, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. bronco

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    I am looking for help with interpreting some numbers and abbreviations on my father’s WW2 RAF service record.
    In the column titled -- “Dep. Cas. Form.”

    In the column titled “Reason”

    In the column titled -- “Cas. Form Confirming Arrival.”

    In the column titled – “Trade”
    Mate ?/? F. Mech.
    F. Mech
    Fitt 2 E

    In the column “Unit To”
    Rotol Airscrews
    100 PDC
    AP 938 Para 210
  2. Wills

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    ACH/Mate - aircraft hand/mate ?
    F/Mech - Fitter Mechanic
    Fitter 2E or IIe - Fitter Mechanic Engines

    BAFO PHU - British Air Forces of Occupation Personnel Holding Unit.

    100 Personnel Dispersal Centre.

    Rotol Airscrews - a private company, these companies ran courses for service people to learn how to use and maintain their equipment.

    Air Publication 938 Para 210. Interestingly when looking this up, I get Air Publication 4344 Vol 1 & Vol 6 Triumph TRW 500CC Technical Handbook 1956!

    Rotol formed by RO lls Royce and Bris TOL Companies.
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    Unfortunately a lot of the codes have been lost in the time that has passed and noone remembers what they are. I think the info that Wills has given you will be about all you can get...Just checked on our current AP (Air Publications) list. AP938 is listed as Regulations for RAF Reserve in the PUBLICATIONS CONTAINING REGULATIONS RELATING TO RAF ACCOUNTING SERVICES current AP so it may be something to do with the rules and regs for that....Oh ah that was information I didnt know so now I am going to have to look it up.....:)
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