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Discussion in 'RASC' started by Bacon, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Bacon

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    please can any one help I’m trying to find information about what my Dad did in WW11 he was in H Platoon,705 coy GT RASC unfortunately he passed away age 49 and never wanted to to talk about it i was only young so maybe he thought it was something I wouldn’t understand
    I would be so grateful for any information.
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    The very first 'job' is to obtain his service records from the MOD - link to forms is Request records of deceased service personnel
    Once you have his service records they will tell you who he served with, when he was with them and where he was. The reason we suggest this is thet he may have been transferred between units etc etc. Having this then you can obtain the War Diaries for the relevant units and time span.

    Otherwise you will be guessing

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    As TD says, service records avoid red herrings and blind alleys but if they confirm he was in 705 GT Coy then there are three possible diaries in the National Archives at Kew
    WO166/13180 April - December 43 and from the catalog reference, suggests it was here in the UK
    WO171/2515 1944 which could place them in 'North West Europe'
    WO171/6334 1945
  4. Bacon,

    705 Coy RASC lost its fourth platoon when it became equipped with DUKW amphibians for the Normandy landings. The remaining three platoons were renamed E, F & G platoons. See Ford GPA & DUKW's

    H platoon was reactivated as its fourth platoon, equipped with 3 ton lorries on 5 September 1944, which were later (by 24 Sep 44) transferred to 50 Coy RASC. Starting 28 Sep 44 the company changed to 10 ton lorries.

    As TD says, you must get your dad's service records. If you already have them, please post them here so the forum members can help you decipher them.

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    Not much to add, but 705 Company RASC only have a single casualty recorded in the CWGC Debt of Honour database
    BARLOW, COLIN WALTER. Driver. Service Number T/66472. Died 17/09/1945. Aged 36.
    705 Gen. Transport Coy. Royal Army Service Corps.
    Buried at MUNSTER HEATH WAR CEMETERYPlot 4. Row B. Grave 9.
    He was initially buried at Standort Lazarett Cemetery, Munster.
    Lazarett is the German for Hospital, so seems he had been wounded and died at Munster...

    Until you have your fathers Service Records, this may have no, or some, bearing as to where he may have been at that date.
  6. Bacon

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    Thank you for the information it’s really helpful,I request my dads service records 3weeks ago so waiting for them I understand it can take up to 3 months .

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