Planned redevelopment at Alamein

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  1. Owen

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    Just seen this news story.
    Lots of building work going to be going on near El Alamein.

    World War II site becomes promising tourist destination in Egypt - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

    Interesting to read on how many landmines they've been clearing .

    Anyone know anymore ?
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  2. Charley Fortnum

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    As this is in Egypt, I expect to see it take about seventeen years to complete: one year of frantic work followed by bankruptcy and prosecutions for fraud. Then there'll be a ten year-intermission in which no work is possible owing to legal wrangling and lack of funds, and when it is finally complete, someone will discover that the cement was mixed in the wrong proportions to save money and the whole place will have to be demolished before it collapses.

    And then the whole fiasco will be blamed on Israeli intelligence.
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  3. Robert-w

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    My own experience when working in Egypt differs in a few respects. Building goes on until the money runs out then stops. The lower floors of the building are occupied. As money from these activities accumulates more floors are added and occupied. This process continues until the building collapses. At this point it is discovered (guelle suprise) that the buildings inspectorate had been taking bribes to pass the additions but that the officials concerned are taking a holiday abroad.
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  4. Owen

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    I wondered where the CWGC cemetery would be in relation to the new development.

    My red X marks the spot on a map of the development I found here.

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