Plan of Artillery Position Areas. I Corps Artillery, 1939

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    I Corps Commander Corps Royal Artillery. WO 167/127

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    My father served with 1st Medium Regt RA, 60 Lb'rs, and came out at Dunkirk.
    I obtained the War Diary of 1st Med RA, mobalisation to Dunkirk in an effort to learn more.
    Does anyone know of further deployment of 1st Medim Regt.
    My father was in India/Burma from 43, 5.5's, onward and I have been unable to find any referance to 1 st Med RA in Burma.

  3. Derek Barton

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    1 Med Rgt RA moved to India in Dec 42 under 33 Indian Corps and moved to Burma with them in Feb 44. They fired in support of the Admin Box battle from west of the Mayu Range with their 5.5 inch guns.

    By April they were under 15 Indian Corps in the Arakan. They provided support for the attacks on the tunnels.

    In May they were in support of the attack on Naga Village (Kohima). 3 guns of 5/22 Bty provided direct fire by being dragged to the top of Treasury Hill where they fired around 200 rounds at the defences at 800 yards range.

    In November they were at Myittha Gorge and firing Air OP shoots.

    In Jan 45 they were supporting attacks in the Monywa and Myinmu areas. During an attack to eliminate a japanese bridgehead over the Irrawaddy, D Troop of 22 Bty found themselves in full view of the enemy. They engaged 2 bunkers with the GPO directing fire. They scored several hits before landing a round right inside one of the bunkers. Both were destroyed.

    On 15 Jan one gun from the regt was landed in the assault on Ramree Island. The regt then provided fire support for the attack on Kangaw Island.

    In March they took part in the attack on Mandalay

    Hope that fills a few gaps for you.
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    Thank you Derek.
    I salute you.
    My father talked about the Admin Box But I was but a child.
    He also mentioned The Kabaw Vally where he contracted an exceptionally bad case of Malaria, resulting in him being transferred to India.
    Father passed away in 92 from the effects of the Malaria and is buried in Atherton Cemetery.
    I was concerned that he had moved to another Regt as he was due to go to Singapore with 18 Div but a deserter was captured and father being last on nominal role was deleted and deserter added.

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