Places associated with the Intelligence community - safe houses, dentention centres, HQs etc

Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by Pete Wood, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Pete Wood

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    I thought it might be useful to start collating a list of places, in the UK and abroad, associated with British and German intelligence activity.

    I thought I would kick off with places, in the UK, in connection with Britain's notorious double agent, Juan Pujol Garcia aka GARBO.

    On entering the UK, he was taken to a London safe house at 35 Crespigny Road.

    Pujol lived with his wife at 55 Elliot Road, Hendon until the V1 raids started in 1944

    He and his wife were moved to a hotel, the Amerden Priory, in Taplow, Buckinghamshire to escape the rocket attacks, and stayed there for the duration.
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    Fantastic idea for a thread. In the book 'Agent ZigZag', there is mention of two or three such addresses. I'll see if I can find them out.

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