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    Looking for any information on the Unit name of the Pioneers that were based in Lerwick, Shetland during WW2- thanks
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    I know its probably Orkney rather than Shetland, but 57 Company get a mention in a local paper that covers both Islands

    ... (Kirkwall) Increase in depositors' balances, Abdn. Trustee Savings Bank £1,056,609 11 1 Nary Daass.—The staff of '57 Com.pany (Pioneer Corps) staged another of their fortnightly dances in their Recreation Hall on Thursday evening. flawing cornmenced at. 7.30 p ...
    Orkney Herald, and Weekly Advertiser and Gazette for the Orkney & Zetland Islands 16 December 1942
    Results for 'pioneer corps lerwick' | Between 1st Jan 1940 and 31st Dec 1949 | British Newspaper Archive

    Several references to Lerwick in The Pioneer Magazine, this one mentions 178 Coy Camp at Lerwick.
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    Thanks that is very helpful
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    The soldiers in Lerwick, Shetland during World War II were part of a group called the Robertson Line or Staney Hill Line. There was also a unit called the 541st Coast Regiment that helped protect the area.
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    Many thanks
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    These might help.



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    Many thanks for all your help

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