Pilot Training in South Africa in WW2

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  1. Does anyone have information about pilot training in South Africa? My dad was firstly at 7 Air School, Kroonstad in December 1943 to early 1944, and then at 21 Air School, Kimberley from March 1944 until August 1944 when he qualified for his wings. He left Cape Town by troopship, possibly the Nieuwe Amsterdam, on 26th August 1944 bound for the UK arriving on 14th September 1944.

    The following picture was taken at his wings parade at 21 AS. Some names appear on the reverse which have tried to decipher as best I can. Feel free to correct me. Date is either Saturday 19th August or Saturday 26th August 1944.
    1944 Wings Parade 21 Air School Kimberley South Africa.jpg
    (Left to right)
    Front Row: Smit, Callaghan, McCulloch, Pomine, Cronin, Haskins, Makin, Nicholson

    2nd Row: F/Lt MacGill, Air Vice Marshall M.B. Frew, Batchelor, Col J.D. Pretorius, S/Ldr Kennedy, Cpt Carrgarty, W/O Marcus plus four others who are unnamed

    3rd Row: Naylor, Wheatley, Boalton, Du Plessis, Becker, Schonfeld, Lotz, Nimow, Vidsler, Oakenfall, Darber, Richards, Simpson

    4th Row: P.Williams, Harding, Dimerg, Sparrow, Hallwood, Towell, Kerr, Adams, Jacquest, Birch, Tomlin, Errington.

    5th Row: Bennett, Strachan, Pretorius, Adams, Junhall, McCarthy, Katzens, Cilliers, Meiklejohn, Hilyard, Brisline, Trater, Gritter.

    6th Row: Ball, Hannath, Williams, Turner, Scott, Evans, Carran, Godfrey, Harrison, Bryan, Mastin


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  3. Ross,

    Thank you so much for these links. I will investigate and hopefully turn up some useful info.

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