Pilot Lancaster shot down 5-8 October 1944, Netherlands

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    Could not find any other more then his name date of birth: Sergeant J.P.W McLellan, from St Asaph, North Wales,25-11-1923 anyone can tell me which plane he was in?, maybe the date is not correct, but I am not sure.
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    Date: 6-7 October 1944
    Target: Bremen
    Total Force: Dispatched – 263, Attacking – 256
    RAAF Force: No. 463 Dispatched – 18, Attacking – 18; No. 467 – 17, 17
    Tons of Bombs Dropped: 999
    Total Aircraft Lost: 15
    RAAF Aircraft Lost: No. 460 – 1

    Bremen, already heavily attacked in August, was subjected to a fierce incendiary raid (147 tons high explosives, 852 tons incendiaries) on 6th-7th October when No . 5 Group gutted large sections of the Neustadt district and caused further damage in the already ruined Altstadt section. There was some industrial damage but the main result of this raid was to raise the estimated total of housing accommodation destroyed in Bremen to 70 per cent.

    Extracts from Herington, J. (John) (406545) Air War Over Europe 1944-1945, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1963 – Page 309

    Lancaster LM375 took off from RAF Waddington at 1740 hours on the night of 6/7th October 1944 to bomb Bremen, Germany. Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take off and it did not return to base. Eighteen aircraft from the Squadron took part in the raid and one of these LM 375 failed to return. Post war it was established that the aircraft crashed at 2100 hours at Nesseburg (Aussendeich), north west of Papenburg.

    The crew members of LM375 were:

    Flight Sergeant Raymond Cecil Broad (427795) (Wireless Operator Air Gunner)
    Flight Sergeant Donald Edgar Brown (437332) (Navigator) PoW, Discharged from the RAAF: 23 November 1945
    Flight Sergeant Andrew Giloran (26853) (Bomb Aimer) PoW, Discharged from the RAAF: 23 November 1945
    Flight Sergeant John Stuart MacPherson (439480) (Mid Upper Gunner)
    Sergeant John Peter Wallace McLellan (1457829) (RAFVR) (Flight Engineer) Evaded Capture
    Flying Officer Desmonde George Tointon (418890) (Pilot)
    Flight Sergeant Thomas Patrick Whiteley (437918) (Rear Gunner) PoW, Discharged from the RAAF: 6 December 1945

    In a later report Flight Sergeant Brown stated “A night fighter attacked the aircraft setting it on fire. The Captain asked the Wireless Operator to inspect the fire and after he reported the Captain ordered bale out. The intercom was very faint and I did not hear everything that was said or whether order acknowledged. Height 19,000 feet. Aircraft under control but burning fiercely. Aircraft crashed north of Aschendorf and about 2 minutes flying time from turning point on run EMS. Felt that Captain was standing behind me when I baled out. Saw no chutes. Later met Bomb Aimer and Rear Gunner. Germans said the Captain was dead. Captured 7/10. Released by Russians 20/4/45.”

    Flight Sergeant Whiteley stated “Attacked by Me410 after bombing Bremen. Hit by his first and only burst. On fire from Rear to Mid Upper. Intercom failed. Got short burst in on fighter. Impossible to put fire out. Heat drove me out of Rear turret . I baled out at 18,000 feet. Met Navigator and Bomb Aimer in camp. Heard the Engineer had evaded capture and was in hiding in Holland. Germans said the Mid Upper was killed.”

    Sgt McLellan - Landed in a pond near Papenburg then walked west (TNA Reference: WO/ 208/3327/3099)
    Allied Losses and Incidents: All Commands

    BROAD Raymond Cecil 427795 - Highgate RSL
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    With the casualties being RAAF you can check the NAA, I had a quick look at Broad and his Service file and casualty file have been digitised
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    John Peter Wallace McLellan was born in St Asaph, Denbighshire in the December 1922 Quarter. He was the son of Norman and Florence, nee Kelly, McLellan. He had a brother, James W. McLellan, born St Asaph in the September 1921 Quarter.

    Married Myra G. Lloyd at St Asaph in the September 1951 Quarter. One child, born St Asaph in the September 1952 Quarter.

    Deceased St Asaph in the September 1964 Quarter, aged 41.


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