Pictures of Hitler in 1925

Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by Dave55, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Looks like he had been watching too many silent movies.
  3. Dave55

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    I hadn't thought of that. No talkies until around 1927 or 28, so the only motion pictures he has seen at this time were silent.
    He could have practicing his presentation with that in mind.
  4. elser

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    Those photos are shown a lot, he is practicing his dramatical poses for his speech, seeing what looks right just like he watched his speeches back years later and comment on what he liked and where to improve etc it was all part of the act, the prolonged silences, the gestures. That was his charisma. He figured people out.
  5. toki2

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    He would have been flattered to think that we were still talking about him today. I still think that his moustache looks false!
  6. Dave55

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    Only one guy could ever pull off that look and look good:

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    As elser alludes, these images have been around for awhile. In a intimate setting or at close proximity they come off as overblown or even comical, but they served a vital purpose to Hitler and to the expansion of his party.

    For someone like him he needed to grab on to his audience and not let them go. Recall his rally's where large, sometimes huge and like stage actors his movements and expressions needed to be grand simply to be see by the people in the cheap seats. I suspect he wished them destroyed less for how they looked than for the peek behind the curtain they provided. He insisted upon the perception of a perfect, flawless leader, confident in everything he did, no matter the situation.

    A man who had to practice how to give his speech dispels the illusion.
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    Yeah and we all know its chaplain not hardy :D
  11. Za Rodinu

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    This reminds me of a very interesting segment in the fabulous German TV Series, Babylon Berlin. The are spooky premonitions of Hitler in the cabaret singer’s act.1929 Berlin-

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