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    Military Medal award Greece 1944 - Rifleman Harry Fink D Coy 11 KRRC

    "On the night of 31st Dec 1944, a determined attack was made on the Pallini Wireless Station by 50 ELAS supported by a captured ex RAF Armoured Car No.91526. With complete disregard of his own safety, Rifleman Fink, approached the Armoured Car and engaged it with a PIAT at close range. The first round missfired, but the second round his the Armoured Car and blew up as it was found to have been laden with a vast quantity of dynamite. His bravery undoubtedly saved many men guarding the radio station."

    WO Recommendation is missing from TNA discovery. Primary Sources: 50 RTR WD (WO 170/864) "Swift and Bold. The Kings Royal Rifle Corps Second World War 1939 - 1945" by Gen Hareward Wake and "A Stretcher Bearer from El Alamein to Greece" by Bob Hopper
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    Wait... Is that a Rolls Royce he managed to wallop?
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    I believe it was an Otter

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    Not sure if its been mentioned or i have mentioned before, there is a video of a Canadian guy on the BOCN forum and i think its on youtube as well who has a licence or is allowed by law to shoot one, he made some dummy rounds up and projector cartridges, not sure if the cartridges were surplus from a old stock box, but it was quite impressive to see being fired. I was more interested where the ejected other half of the cartridge went as during my local heritage research i am interested to see the firing position and work out the target area of where these weapons were used usually about a foot in front of the firer. I also find that the PIAT is such a lump in weight you need a jeep to lug it around, you would have thought there would be an easier way to propel a anti tank round.
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    I read the posts here and thought ; knowing the PIAT's weight is a hardy perennial I'd compare it to the much lauded Anglo-Swedish NLAW used now in the Ukraine, assembled in Belfast by Thales.

    Wiki shows the PIAT weighed plus other aspects:
    From: PIAT - Wikipedia

    Wiki shows the NLAW weighed:
    From: NLAW - Wikipedia
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    I have a feeling that fellow had to disassemble/disable his PIAT, sadly.
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    I wonder how the PIAT compared in weight with the 84mm Carl Gustav, which always seemed an awful lump to cart around (and loud too!).
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    Here to help Chris. It does depend on whether you carried the M2 version or the post-1986 M3 / M4.

    Weight: (M2) 14.2 kg (31 lb) or (M4/M3E1) 6.6 Kg (14.5 lb)
    Length: M2) 1,130 mm (44 in) or (M4/M3E1) 950 mm (37 in)

    From: Carl Gustaf 8.4 cm recoilless rifle - Wikipedia
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    Not sure what the laws are in Canada about PIATs, i assume they are banned.
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    I've just (enjoyed) reading through this entire thread and am surprised that no-one has yet mentioned the passage in George MacDonald Fraser's "Quartered Safe Out Here" where he describes using a PIAT against boats on the Sittang River, presumably in late-July 1945. Supports the several posts that have been made here about how horrible a device it was . . .
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    Definitely the earlier, heavier version. Though I didn't carry it often, I did feel sorry for the guy who did!
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    I believe the gentleman was an American. He's gone on to work on a Fliegerfaust.

    This causes me no small amount of grumpiness. ;)

    May I direct sir here (von Poop having a look at a work on the Spigots):
    Book Review - Defeating the panzer Stuka Menace. David Lister.

    Or here:

    This is precisely why I spent a decade on Blacker and his spigots.
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    Piat team: Troops of the 2nd Bn. Gordon Highlanders cross an improvised bridge north of Celle. The original bridge had been blown.
    IWM BU 3547
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    At the risk of stating the obvious, the first man is carrying the launcher, and the next two are each carrying three rounds of ammunition.

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