Photographs of British Officers that served with 9/12 Frontier Force Regiment

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    Dear All

    We have complied the War diary and documents of our Unit which was than known as 9/12 frontier force regiment. Having affiliated to the WW2 we don’t have any photographs of British officers who served with the Regiment including first CO Lt Col J.A Blood and those who were killed. Where can I find photos of Unit ?
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    It has been very useful
    But photographs of Offrs served are not in here
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    Just a thought. If British officers have been awarded medals, e.g. Military Cross, could there be photos of them individually? 9/12 FFR officers were undoubtedly posted away from the battalion when they won medals.

    Another thread refers to the unit and could this help (by Bamboo43):
    FRom: Help needed re.12th Frontier Force Rifles research.

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