Photo of Tom McCormack St Nazaire 28-3-42

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    One from the Raid on St. Nazaire (Op Chariot)

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    One from the Raid on St. Nazaire (Op Chariot)

    :poppy: Tom McCormack :poppy:

    2930404, 1st (Liverpool Scottish) Bn., Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders and 5 (Scottish) Troop, No 2 Commando.

    Died aged 25 on 11th April 1942 of wounds sustained at St Nazaire on 28th March 1942.

    Son of Jeremiah and Joanna McCormack, of Allerton, Liverpool.

    Remembered with honour.

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    I thought it might be nice to see a picture of Tom McCormack in happier days:
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    (Picture courtesy of Pete Rogers)


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    Have just copied the above 3 posts from the ''Kilts in BEF'' thread as I think it's a powerful photo that ought to get another viewing as it was the Anniversary yesterday.
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    Remembering today Tom McCormack, 5 Troop (Liverpool Scottish), No 2 Commando, who this day in 1942 died of wounds sustained at the St Nazaire Raid a fortnight earlier. :poppy:

    His grave marker at Rennes with the poppy wreath with Forbes tartan we placed on the 70th Anniversary of Operation Chariot in 2012 and a picture of Tom from Paignton before the raid.

    Tom's headstone Rennes.jpg large.582784b528a50_TomMcCormackPaignton1941(2).jpg.b5d1fceb2983e8e4ce7e2c727c5d8712.jpg
    (Picture courtesy of Pete Rogers)

    They shall not grow old ...


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