Photo of Miss Margaret Helen Fielden

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  1. Perhaps this is true, but if I had a member of my family buried since 1945 in another nation and I knew that someone is watching over him, I'll be much more than happy, I'll be grateful..Margaret was only 28 when she left this world forever, What's the problem if someone goes on her grave to say a prayer?Theres' nothing different that I should do..I'm non a fool, I'm working in the hospital for persons suffering for cancer,II'm a doctor, I have 2 children, I'm a normal people, But I'll meet Margaret's eyes, with or without her aunt's will. Mery Chistmas to you all.:poppy:
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    Hi Silvia,
    As we discussed elsewhere this may be true for a lot of people but not everyone reacts in the same manner to contact 'out of the blue from strangers', no matter how kind & altruistic their motivations are.

    I still believe that Kevin's criticism of the family member who probably has a photo, without knowing any of their circumstances, is not going to help change their mind. And that's all I have to say.

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