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    I found this interesting photo amongst a large collection that my Mum has from my Grandparents. My Grandfather was enlisted and served with the 14th Durham Light Infantry between Jan 1940 to Feb 1944. I thought that this may be of interest to some people on this forum especially with the subject matter. My Grandad is not actually in the photo but on the back are the names of the soldiers who are, as follows: 1. W. Clarkson, 2. C. Atkinson and 3. T. Trusty.

    It would be good to know more about these 3 soldiers.


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    Thomas Andrew TRUSTY
    Born : 14th September 1914
    Died : 2 Q 1975 Sunderland

    He doesn't appear on any casualty or pow list.
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    Thanks Guy, very interesting.
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    4465191 ATKINSON C Pte. 14th Durham Light Infantry, wounded in action Italy 29th July 1944

    Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 16.03.37.png
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    For DLI queries you are best off contacting member Mr Jinks


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    Sorry Guy not that you are not good just that he (Mr Jinks) has access to lots of DLI records
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    For DLI queries you are best off contacting member Mr Jinks
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    Sorry Guy not that you are not good just that he (Mr Jinks) has access to lots of DLI record

    Wow! Thanks TD ! Undeserved though I`m afraid I just know people to ask ,who thankfully dont get annoyed at my constant questions :)

    14th DLI were one of the `Dunkirk` battalions formed in July 1940 after the BEF`s return to Britain. The 14th DLI,16th DLI ,17th DLI were formed together and brigaded together near Edinburgh (Morton Hall Camp) forming 206th Independent Infantry Brigade. The 14th DLI undertook training at Duddington but was raised initially at the DLI Depot at Brancepeth. Only the 16th DLI went into action as a Light Infantry battalion ,the 14th DLI survived throughout the war being disbanded in 1946 however most of its personnel were dispersed to other battalions/regiments prior to 1943 . In 1943 it became a training battalion or rehabilitation battalion here repatriated pows ,returning wounded etc were assessed and posted to whatever role the army thought them capable not always returning as Light Infantrymen. Physical , mental and medical testing was carried out by the battalion and men were regraded to the various army catagories.
    Initially recruits to 14th DLI,16th DLI and 17th DLI were described as `superb`. Montgomery watch a training exercise and enthused that `He could do a lot with these men` . Sadly by 1943 the `superb element` had gone transferred out of 14th DLI replaced by men from various units and regiments best suited to their `rehabilitation` role.
    Kyle you mention that a forum member had found Pte Atkinson 14th DLI wounded in Italy ? The 14th DLI would be his original unit he was probably with 16th DLI or less likely 1st DLI who were both in Italy at this time. 14th DLI never served abroad as a unit being re=designated as a `Home Service Battalion. There were nine soldiers who died whilst with the 14th DLI all buried in the UK

    4468812 Pte John Henry Cawthorne Died 13/07/1942 Sec. F. Cons. Grave 385. BRADFORD (UNDERCLIFFE) CEMETERY
    4451900 Pte Richard Andrew 03/04/1945 Sec. B. Plot 4. Grave 761. GOOLE CEMETERY
    4465527 Lance Corporal David Arthur Grice 30/10/1943 Sec. D. Grave 12. SACRISTON CEMETERY
    4464596 Pte James Middlehurst Ward 3. Sec. A. Grave 1881. SUNDERLAND (BISHOPWEARMOUTH) CEMETERY
    4465546 Pte Frederick Whelans Robson 23/03/1941 Ward 3. Sec. A. Grave 1814. SUNDERLAND (BISHOPWEARMOUTH) CEMETERY
    4466305 Pte Daniel Thomas 20/11/1940 Plot 2. Div. C. R.C. Grave 1021. HARTLEPOOL (STRANTON) CEMETERY
    4465378 Pte Thomas Brown Carr 28/01/1942 Row 15 from North wall. Grave 10 from West wall. BEARPARK (ST. EDMUND) CHURCHYARD
    SNAPE, HERBERT Private 14258075 22/04/1943 26 Durham Light Infantry United Kingdom Non-Conformist. Sec. 2. Grave 550. BIRKENHEAD (LANDICAN) CEMETERY
    RIPPON, JOHN Private 4461830 09/11/1943 29 Durham Light Infantry United Kingdom Grave 890. HETTON (EASINGTON LANE) CEMETERY

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    Thanks Mr Jinks for the great insight to 14th DLI, really appreciate this information.

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