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  1. AB64

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    I have used that one in a few discussions about Reenactors - big lads did exist back then (not in anything like the numbers now) and hats off to this chap he served his country, just a shame I don't have any more info on him
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  2. dml34

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    Excellent! Many thanks for the additional photos. I agree with the identification of units of 78 and 125, which is good!

    Unit of 159 was a surprise. Not sure what the sign on the door represents. It seems unusual for an RA regiment.

    I would be interested to see any more of your photos that show vehicle markings, particularly of RE and RASC units.

  3. Owen

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    I'd say chap in 119 was either 4th or 5th Wilts.
    They used maroon square for 4th & blue for 5th Bn.
    129 Bde was originally the intermediate Bde for 43Div (hence 2 arm if service strips). 128 Bde were the original senior Bde .
    We're more used to seeing 129 Bde chaps with just the one strip indicating they were Senior Bde of the Div.
  4. Chris C

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    98 is interesting. It must be one of the last of the A10s in North Africa. I don't remember how many A9s and A10s were still operational in Operation Crusader, but the white/red/white stripes, I believe, date it to that period (Nov/Dec 1941).

    Also photo 113 has an interesting detail I don't think I've seen on an M10. It is using rubber-block tracks and on the right side there seems to be 10 track links stowed horizontally, so presumably for replacement rather than protection.
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  5. Tony56

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    Some great photos, thanks for posting. Immediately drawn to the unknown soldier from V Corps in No. 41, have reproduced this below with a photo of my father, on rhs, who was 56 Recce, 78 Battleaxe Division. Either a very popular wallpaper or taken in the same room!

    Both wearing the Africa Star ribbon with 1st Army clasp, Dad with his MiD. Haven't looked around but can anyone tell me what the insignia is under his V Corps badge?
    Mystery room.jpg
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  6. AB64

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    He is 93rd Anti-Tank Regiment and the chequered patch is the Argyll & Sutherlands flash as they were formed from one of their battalions - I wonder where the photo was taken - good spot on the wallpaper
  7. BrianHall1963

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    Great pictures I’m always looking out for photos of airborne my uncle was 7para and my mum had no photos of him , one day I might jump for joy to ! Good work
  8. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    AB64 - do you have any context for the A10 photograph? (#98)
  9. AB64

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    98 came with a paybook and bits to a Signaller who went through a few Air Formation Signals units - below is another photo of the same tank - you can almost make out the census numbers - but you can also see 2 nasty holes in the turret, you can only hope it had been abandoned by that point

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  10. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    Thanks! It's a shame the markings are so dark as to be unreadable. (Not sure if that's the work of a censor or simply the light)
  11. Alex1975uk

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  12. AB64

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    I don't think these ones have passed by a censor, but they are the normal passport photo sized ones so a struggle to get that level of details
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  13. AB64

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    Afraid nothing more on this - it goes with 29 & 134 and the below, this one has lanyards which may be a bit of a clue

    Scan10032 (2).JPG
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  14. Alex1975uk

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    Is that Percy Hobart in 70 by the flail tank?!
  15. AB64

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    Its an unknown Westminster Dragoons officer - he seller had this and a few other photos plus a paybook to one of the crew but unfortunately he split everything up and while I had a go at it all this was the only one I got
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  16. davidbfpo

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    Photo No.36 shows a wedding party outside a church door. Have you any details where this was and who please?

    It looks like a family wedding as two aunties and an uncle are shown at the side door of St. Michael's, Linlithgow.
  17. AB64

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    36 came with some bits to I H Wickersham, the Glider Pilot on the right - not sure the relationship to the Bride & Groom - he was born in Saffron Waldon so I think it may be somewhere down that neck of the woods
  18. davidbfpo

    davidbfpo Patron Patron

    Thank you AB64. Other family members noted the church steps are different.

    Just found that the glider pilot appears in another thread with:
    From Post 18 on: Airborne Service & Paybook scans and an appeal for help by AB64 with no replies on: 6298903 Ivor Harold Wickersham, Glider Pilor Regiment

    Just added date of his death and home address at Bexhill. From:
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  19. AB64

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    I found him on some family trees on Ancestry but attempts to contact the owners to see if they had any details on him but no luck
  20. morrisc8

    morrisc8 Under the Bed

    Some great photos, thanks for posting them.

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