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    Hi all I was sent this photo by a man who saw a post on a facebook group and he reckons this is my uncle Stanley Conway in a group photo from stalag xxb from what I already know he was in stalag xxA not B but I do say it is the double of him, the photo on the left is from a local news paper cutting. have I missed a camp he was in maybe and it just wasn't recorded ? POW CAMP PHOTO 1.jpg IMG_2883.JPG
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    Entirely possible - depends on what info you have already. Have you got Red Cross records or his POW card from National Archives? I know I found some extra camps in the Red Cross records during my own research. I’m curious on the latter as my great grandad was John Conway and I always see Stanley Conway’s name when I’m browsing their site to see if his card has turned up during the recent digitising of the files they’ve been doing.

    I also have photos in my great grandad’s logbook that don’t correlate to any camps I know he was in - however, in that case he isn’t actually in the photos so might have just traded them with fellow Kriegies.
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    Thanks for the reply. Made the window for the red Cross and made the request in May I believe there is a long wait after I read another post on here. I have two pow cards which iv posted about before which is here.

    German Document Translation Required

    I believe I have seen your pictures somewhere on another site or on here VERY interesting I spend an hour looking at them thanks for uploading, I think we had a conversation whether we had the same job Conway in our family turned out we didn't either way very interesting man.

    I didn't realise the national archive was still uploading new ones ? I will after have a look they might have another for Stanley I can never workout if I have the documents that come up om there site sometimes it may just me I find there site abit complicated to use. I will check this in the coming days so thanks for the heads up.

    I did contact the site regarding what happened to the documents and files on the pow prisoners when the camps where liberated i was told alot of pow prsioners broke into the officers and filled there pockets with anything they could and also took there files GOOD ON THE LADS I SAY. i also believe alot of stuff was taken for the Nuremburg trials.

    I will now after wait for a reply from the red cross i will update in due course through
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    As far as I know the NA team are working their way through all the 200,000 cards with a projected end date of December 2021. According to their site they should be up to the surname Nicholson by the end of August. Conways are all done but John doesn’t appear to be there so I’m hoping he’s been misfiled. I have heard that some men nicked their cards as souvenirs in which case it’s long gone to places unknown or, my alternative theory is that he applied for a war pension and the card was sent to the pensions office. I tried this angle but reached a dead end after my FOI request was knocked back. I’d really like to find it as it’s the last bit of documentation I need to complete his story and would give me info on working parties etc.

    I’ve no doubt we’ve chatted online before - I’ve posted on so many threads on here and on Facebook since I started this journey that I can’t keep track any more!
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    Interesting ... cant find an S Conway in either my copy of WO 392 or on the Ancestry database

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    Is this your man? Casualty List 1284, 6th November 1943, page 19 from FMP.
    GBM_WO417_068_0105 S.Conway.jpg
    Does anyone know what the handwritten "noted on published rough - see Q.B. 13" means? I have seen it on several Casualty Lists in regard to repatriated men.

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    Yeah that Stanley Conway
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    Thanks for the documents I have all these Stanley did die in the UK a year away from the war ending he was shipped out of the camp to Wigan probe to be patched up then he was meant to be going home back to Cudworth where all the residence of the village had planned a welcome home party but he didn't make it. I wonder why Wigan ? Every time I look at the picture I am convinced it is him
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    Update i have now recived the red cross record and just like you i have more camps i didnt know stanley was in and the photo i posted is one of them. Now i am on the hunt for more pictures of the camp to see if the same person is in any in them.

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