Photo ID - Queen's Royal Regt (West Surrey), Captain, MC, M-i-D

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  1. High Wood

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    Oxley - Boyle has no Star and does have an India General Service Medal.
    oxley b.jpg
  2. High Wood

    High Wood Well-Known Member

    James Bertram Coates does have a Star but he also has an India General Service Medal.

  3. JDKR

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    It’s absolutely not Mike Forrester. My father worked for him in the late 1960s and I knew him quite well. I’m pretty certain he won his MC for gallantry during the battle for Crete.
  4. High Wood

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    See Post 13.
  5. JDKR

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    Apologies. I had seen your post but I thought it might be of passing interest to add some supporting personal knowledge.
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  6. High Wood

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    No need to apologise, he seemed to stand out on the Army List due to his Special Employment. Once I looked into his career, I soon realised that he wasn't a candidate.
  7. Pember

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    Thank you very much for doing this digging on my behalf, it is truly appreciated! I am feeling a bit bad not to be moving more quickly on it myself. However, am balancing with day-to-day job, which is rather busy at the moment (largely due to dealing with COVID issues).
  8. Tony56

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    Have you looked through their website, quite a few photos of individuals on it?
    The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment

    Wonder if anyone is there if you emailed an enquiry?
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  9. JDKR

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    Through an intermediary I have emailed the Friends of Surrey Infantry Museum to see if they can shed any light. As an aside, I formerly served in the Queen's Regiment (not the Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment), the 1966 successor to the infantry regiments of the Home Counties.
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