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    I thought if Roy Cadman believes the man to be a Campbell we should probably check out the Campbells known to be have been with 3 Commando. The only one I could find info on is Lesley Campbell

    I don't think your Nobby Clark is the same man. For one the beret badge is not correct. The Black Watch badge is quite large and very noticeable. Also it's a photo of 3 Troop. The man we are looking for belonged to 1 Troop. But who knows I've been wrong many times before with attempted identifications. There is also the possibility that Roy Cadman is misremembering?

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    Sorry to restart this post, where would be the best place to list these items for sale I hope people don't mind me asking
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    Link to the correct sub-forum
    For Sale & For Trade
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    Now listed on Ebay
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    it is a police uniform. The police were allowed to enlist if they went into the commando units. The photograph on the commando site is the same place as the photo above. In the commando site Roy Cadman is the right hand man, the photo was taken when the troop were having a parade for the Spanish ambassador.
    I am lucky to take Roy back to Normandy and Dieppe every year. He will be 97 March (99 army age) I will take a copy of the photo to him and try and get a name.

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