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    Hi Sdp sorry I have no idea what the gentlemans name is which is a great shame, a lot members have been trying too find it out.
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    Still think the photo of this chap when younger is of him in a police uniform. Pre war with a collar number 278 and MP on his shoulders. You can see his whistle chain attached to his buttons. Could have been in the Metropolitan Police before the war, and it might ve worth contacting the Met who keep records of all their staff.
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    Just found the military badges are from the Black Watch, The Highland Regiment , of Canada.
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    The Black Watch is the oldest highland regiment in Canada. Volunteers have served since the regiment‘s inception in Montreal on January 31st, 1862 as 5th Battalion, Royal Light Infantry. The rise of American military strength during the Civil War concerned Canada. The government authorized formation of militia regiments. Each of six Montreal Scottish chieftains responded by raising an infantry company for the 5th Battalion. Eventually, eight companies were raised for border service. Since then, thousands of Canadian citizens have served in the Black Watch.
    By May 1945, the Black Watch had suffered the highest casualty rate of any Canadian infantry battalion in NW Europe. They suffered 1,777 casualties in 10 months, or an average of 177 a month. By way of contrast, the Chaudieres, who landed one month earlier than the Watch, had the lowest monthly casualty rate with 92 a month (or 1014 in 11 months of action).


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    If our unknown Commando was a policeman there is quite an interesting thread on Police Intakes for the Commandos at the CVA Forum.

    Police Intakes - Commando Veterans Association

    Being volunteers the policemen who were accepted had to choose a home Regiment. Most of them named one close to where they came from although there were exceptions; " ... there were some with a Coppers sense of humour, who chose the elite Guards Regiments, one an Englishman even chose the Black Watch."

    Two of the photos posted so far place our man with 3 Commando. Their Nominal Roll gives the originating Regiment for some of the men and also mentions two Police Intakes. Here are all the men with the Black Watch given as their Regiment.

    Lt. Ferguson, Angus
    Pte. Ferguson, Bryan Gratney - 2761997 - Died in service unknown cause
    Pte. Hatton, J - 14241857
    Pte. Henton, J R - 14241857
    Pte. Kendray, Harold - 14241711
    Klus, Sidney Williams
    Pte. Ross, A - 2753484
    Tpr. Smart, William Jeffrey 'Duke' - 5731120
    Capt. Ure, John C - 315174 - 3 Commando replacement July 1944
    Capt. Vyvyain, J M K

    The two men listed as Police Intakes and also featured in a CVA post:

    Pte. Everett, William - Police Intake Cardiff
    Pte. Hooper, Sam - Police Intake Cardiff

    Of course if the nominal roll is incomplete he may have been missed.

    Regards ...
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    Just back from Dieppe. I was talking to Roy and showed him the photo - he said that he was, indeed, in his Troop and that he trained at Achnacarry with him - and also in Weymouth.

    Couldn't remember his name though! However, he's sure he has a photo of their Troop with names on. While we were looking at the Troop photo, he pointed to a Commando in the front and said that was himself - his friend and taxi driver hadn't known that.

    It was funny ... Roy knew him, knew where they'd trained - yes, police intake - but then just said, matter of factly, can't remember his name! We were all agog, expecting the name to be forthcoming ... but I'm sure it will.
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    Little things seem to be coming together, I picked the photos up from a carboot sale in Birkenhead.
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    Well now ... a friend of mine visited Roy yesterday and got back to me this morning.

    Jock Campbell. There's a little story to go with that, too, as Roy remembers him well - same No.1 Troop.

    There are a few Campbells in the No.3 Nominal Roll.
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    Thanks for the information it would be great to know this gentlemen's name
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    I know this is a old post but I still have not found the gentleman's name yet,
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    I am taking Roy Cadman back to Dieppe on the 17th August 2018.
    I will show him the photo again and hopefully he might remember.
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    I am possibly looking in to selling the commando collection soon, needs a good home
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    Looking forward to hearing what you have to sell. Is it all going in one lot?
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    Hi the photos and the cap badges from this post, they need to stay together
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    I'm sure I could give the group a good home, but fear the price may be too much for my budget - I'd appreciate it if you could keep me informed of your plans (just in case)

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    Any progress re the chaps name?
    Any further contact with the house clearance chap you bought the photos off?....and does he remember the house?

    Would be really nice to bottom this one out. He is a formidable looking chap who clearly deserves a place in history rather than being consigned to 'just a few photos'.
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    Sorry late to this thread but:

    badge on "police" uniform is a good match to either a George V or George VI version of the Met badge, although other Uk forces had the same design, just with different wording around the circle.

    Black watch badge is the British Army Black Watch, as it has the battle honour of Eqypt at the bottom.

    A search of the 1939 register on ancestry with the surname Campbell, residence London & occupation Police gives a few to choose from:

    CAMPBELL, Neil A. [Alexander] 21 Iverson Road Hampstead. born 9.3.04 married Police Constable Regula..... [died London 1966 appears married to Williamena]
    CAMPBELL, C. 215 Upper Richmond Rd Police Section Wandsworth. born 30.3.16 Police Constable Met Pol single
    CAMPBELL James H. 25 Torrians Ave, St Pancras born 25 Jun 1901 married Police Constable [appears married to Lucy M Campbell born 1901]
    CAMPBELL Thomas B. 90 Clarendon Road, Kensington born 10.12.1916 single Police Constable
    CAMPBELL Colin E. Police Section House Ambrosden Avenue, City of Westminster born 28.12.1913 single Police Constable
    CAMPBELL Donald C. 53 Judd Street (Police Section House) St Pancras Police born 20.4.1908 Constable 625 single
    CAMPBELL Donald. 21 Heath Hurst Road, Hampstead. born 4.3.1904 Det Sgt Met Police married
    CAMPBELL Neil New Tooting Police Station Mitcham Road SW17 born 29.3.1914 single Police Constable 508 W Met Police
    CAMPBELL George 11 Elcho Street, Battersea. born 17.9.08 married Police Constable Metropolitan Police (War Reserve)
    CAMPBELL George C.D. 27 Ferntower Rd Islington 5 Jul 1902 married Police Constable [appears married to Elsie G Campbell]

    Within the 1939 record at 53 Judd street are police numbers 273E, 275E, 267G & 270.. Maybe the letter represents the division of the Met police they were in & the actual number is duplicated across the force.
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    Here are all the Campbells listed in the 3 Commando nominal roll.

    Campbell, A - Pte
    Campbell, G E - L/Sgt
    Campbell, Lesley G - Gdsmn
    Campbell, Thomas - Gnr - R Artillery

    Guardsman Lesley G. Campbell with 3 Troop known to his mates as "Jock" was killed D-Day and originally buried close by Pegasus Bridge. His original Regiment was the Scots Guards. Most definitely not the man we are looking for. He is number 36 in group photo found here.

    Guardsman Lesley (Jock) Campbell.jpg

    Regards ...
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    Sorry unable to put a name to this gentleman which is such a shame
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    Is he possibly number 47 on the group photo? 'Nobby' Clark?

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