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    Not only a dapper chap but also a proper steering wheel. One day, modern tanks will catch up.....none of those silly stick levers and the suchlike.

    I wonder what happened to the Photobucket part of this thread?........
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    Back on topic

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    Noticed Scottish War Graves site has all their photos missing and only the Photobucket ad.

    I may be old fashioned however I have never trusted these sites with my photos. All are on my computer and backed up to another drive.

    I don't even trust I-Cloud.
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    The reason why many--like me--got into using their service originally is simply that ten or eleven years ago (when I signed up) most message boards had no facility to upload and host user files; those that did had very limited file sizes that would preclude the use of pictures of decent size or resolution. Niche sites also discouraged large uploads as they could ill-afford the bandwidth.

    It may have been foolish to continue with them after this era had passed, and foolish to upload without local backups, but as we are now finding it's a lot of hassle to move large numbers of files from third-party to direct hosting--and the mercernaries at Photobastard have no incentive to make it any easier.
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    If anyone spots any decent threads badly damaged by pb changes that have images from me missing, do shout out so I can fix 'em.
    He said, resignedly...

    Can often fix other's posts too, but it's far more fiddly and I've only done it for 'significant' stuff by my own judgement. (Yes,, of course, weird vehicles mostly. What of it?)
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    Thanks TD for the ref. (What's in a name...)
    All very frustrating this photobucket mess.

    Admin: Why not simply create a dropbox acct to which all members can upload their pics?
    Then you can just drop the public link of any particular pic into the thread, and that's it.
    Additional benefits : you create a great and accessible database of pics and it's free of charge.

    Apart from that I would much appreciate if someone can tell me how to get pics visible where I now only see the Photobucket logo with the instruction to update my acct to 3rd party hosting..... thanks!!
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    Right click on the image,,choose option to view in new window :)

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    Thx Kyle, will try!
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    Tried that technique but it doesn't work. Is it dependent upon Windows version? I'm using the latest Windows 10.
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    It seems to me that they are doing their best to block everything. I could view mine for a few days but the best I can do now is to make sure that I'm signed-in and open the forum in another window. 'Open image' will then go to ones own PB page with the relevant image highlighted as a thumbnail but I haven't worked out how to enlarge it. It is just about sufficient to recognise the picture and search for it on the hard drive !

    Basically, it seems to have become useless even as a means of storage. I think that it's dying. They've emptied the petty cash tin, flogged off all the moveable assets and left the machines running until the power company shuts them off as the bills haven't been paid.
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    Ah! They`ve stopped that as well :( Just tried it again and all I get is the upgrade message! Sorry.

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    It didnt work for me either.

    Seems like the only solution is to rebuild a new database, with the help of all forum members who originally uploaded the pics to PB. I assume everybody still has those pics on their own harddisks.
    Dropbox may be an option, it's free up to basically 1 Gb, but an upgraded acct gives 1 Tb for only 100$ per year. I would say that's more than enough space, and easy to get from a few donations, and the problem is solved.
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    Not sure how that could work because every member of the Forum would surely need to be able to log in to the Dropbox account in order to generate a link. There would also be a significant security problem in case anyone accidentally uploaded personal files. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's impossible but it would clearly need careful thought and planning. Ideally the Forum could be beefed up data storage wise so that all images can be hosted here: self-sufficient and sustainable.
  15. george1965

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    Sure, upgrading the forum would probably be the best option.
    Anyway, it was just a layman's thought as I was disappointed not being able to see the pics in a particular thread.
    Great forum though, my compliments to all!
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    PhotoBucket appear to have learnt, in one easy self-taught lesson, how to upset Customers big time and, in all probability, destroy a business. If they had given people some time to sort matters, they would now have a thriving business.

    We need to remember that 'nothing in life is free' so my own feeling is that all these services, Dropbox included, will eventually become subscription-only.
  17. DannyM

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    Someone has posted on Missing-Lynx the following

    Photo bucket work around to make photos visible again on posts

    August 29 2017 at 3:46 PM

    Regarding the PB mess. Someone has worked out a way so that all the photos are viewable again.

    This was posted by Mark J Davies on Hyperscale

    ' Got this in an email from 72ndAircraft, it worked for all my old posts here and on Britmodeller:

    Some direct links to get extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers to delete the PB ransom demand and restore the original image:

    Firefox extensiophotobucket embed fix

    Chrome extensiphotobucket embed fix

    This is a painless exercise, it simply adds an extension to the browser and doesn't alter anything in your account or computer registry. Thanks to rubenandres77 on the RevellAtions forum for the heads up to this fix.

    Now it may be a copy/paste to your addy bar if the links don't work direct. '

    I make no credit I'm just passing it along.

    I understand this the creator as credited by Mark

    renscho at:


    Link to post Braille Scale Discussion Group: Photo bucket work around to make photos visible again on posts

  18. Rich Payne

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    Although it will not help others to view our photobucket images, there is now a workaround on Firefox that allows us to view Photobucket images again.

    Photobucket Hotlink Fix

    I suppose that at some point, PB wil simply take everything down from those who haven't paid but in the meantime, it makes it much easier to identify images for re-hosting.
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    I pay £25.00 per year for Photobucket. It used to be free ! I have had some problems with them, especially when they changed their format. But thankfully at the moment, touch wood (Hand on my head) everything is working fine. Wont hold my breath though.
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