Philip Stanley Fifield - 2110885 Royal Engineers

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  1. Barb20

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    Is there a way of finding a person without his full military records? I am searching Lance Sergeant Philip Stanley Fifield - 2110885 Royal Engineers. Any assistance would be appreciated as I have very little information.

    it is some time since I used this site and I am having to remember how to navigate!!
  2. AB64

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    You won't get a full record without going through the MOD, in some cases you can get lucky and get snippets and for L/Sgt Fifield there is the below

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  3. Barb20

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    Many thanks for the information. Looks like you struck lucky, or rather I did! Now to try and translate.
  4. Tricky Dicky

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    Philip Stanley [Tanner] Fifield
    BIRTH 23 JUL 1915 • Essex, Greater London, England
    DEATH SEP 1982 • Havering, Greater London, England
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  5. Barb20

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    Many thanks.
  6. Barb20

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    Are there any expert Engineers that can assist deciphering the above Tracer Cards. I am having real trouble reading these.
    Many thanks in anticipation.
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  7. 4jonboy

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    Looks like he transferred between the following units:

    1017, 1003 and 1004 Docks Operating Company.

    MEF. Middle East Force

    xii list, see here:
    X lists (Service Records)

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  8. Barb20

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    Thank you Lesley. I knew that xii was probably due to sickness. Can you decipher the second line on the second page - S.O. Xii rep…? Does this look like repatriation?
    To me it looks like he went sick almost immediately he arrived in Egypt but can’t work out if he went to Cyprus straight from Egypt or whether he came back to England and was posted to Cyprus from there. I guess I need to find out where 1011 and 1017 were at this time - just thinking aloud! He seems to be sick quite a lot too!
  9. Tony56

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    Sorry to butt in, but SOS is 'Struck off strength' when used in service records i.e. when someone leaves a unit, how about "Stuck off xii list reposted to 1011 Docks Operating Coy"?
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  10. Barb20

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    Thank you Tony that has confirmed things for me.

  11. Barb20

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    Getting back to the Tracer Card again, can anyone tell me what the following mean please:

    R.E.T.D. (M.E.F.) 29.6.45

    Depot Wing T.H.T.C. ( Python ) 27.7.45

    I know that M.E.F. Is Middle Eastern Force and I also know that Python is to do with leave, but no idea about the other.

    in appreciation
  12. Tony56

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  13. Barb20

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    Thank you again Tony. That has given me what I needed. Very grateful.
    Now I shall have to wait patiently until I get his full service record.


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