PG47 (Campo 47) escapees and the suicide of the NZ Camp CO

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    I did briefly think about that option and decided not to. As the suicide was conducted on NZ Army premises when suicide was illegal in the UK I am not convinced the Coroner would have had extra information or witness testimony.
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    Some Youtube videos about this event;

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    From Clayden Shuttleworth's great grandson having found this thread and making contact: 'I was able to tell my family a little more information about him that they were not aware of. Especially information about his time as a POW. Obviously a lot of it was hushed up given the nature of his death. Details surrounding his death at the time were kept from my grandmother to protect her. Several years later, General Freyberg visited her to see how she was getting on in life.'

    Indirect contact is underway with the Shuttleworth family who live elsewhere.

    Now in contact with his grandson. The wonders of the Web and persistence. Plus the help of those "behind the scenes".
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    "Tunes of Glory" with Sir Alec Guinness and Sir John Mills immediately came to mind when I read of this sad event. A favorite movie of mine.

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